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Eastman Open volleyball results

January 20th, 2014 5:37 pm by Staff Report

Eastman Open volleyball results

Eastman Open Volleyball Results

Women’s A Division
1st Place: Who’s Your Mama (Tennille Wines, Tina Cox, Jana Pendleton, April Taylor, Shannan Miller, Ashleigh Manke)

2nd Place: NETVC 18 (Haley Roe, Savannah Maddox, Whitley Starnes, Joanna Pickard, Ashley Reynolds, Tori, Turner, Rachel Harr, Mollie Nuckles, Channing Taylor, Makenna Smith) coached by Morris Cephas

Women’s BB Gold Division
1st Place: Scared Hitless (Hannah Spivey, Hope, Spivey, Rachel Peters, Emily Hensley, Cherrie Taylor, Delonda Spivey, Ashley Ervin)

2nd Place: Dynamite (Sara Wallingford, Ashley Ferguson, Myra O’Dell, Ashley Davis, Rachel Beasley, Christina Christiansen)

Women’s BB Silver Division
1st Place: Re-Joyce (Joyce Manis, Jill Cookenour, Karen Manis, Vicki Cowell, Kelly Barnett, Lee Peterson, Pam DeLung)

2nd Place: Tri-Knox (Sara Lauderback, Ed Burns, Ginger Cooter, Nancy Hall, Dee Dee Mullins, Sandi Pevey)

Women’s 17 and Under Gold Division
1st Place: Extreme 17-2 GC (Haley Reed, Hayley Wolfe, Julie Dockery, Cori Baker, Caitlin McConnell, Kerri Hite, Raitlin Meade, Jessica Hibbitts; Coach by Darren Reed

2nd Place: Extreme 17-3 Marion (Savanna Scott, Bakker Cullip, Callee Cox, Abby Varber, Laura Lincoln, Brittany Stiefel, Taylor Richardson, Margaret Wagner) coached by Amanda Hanshew

Women’s 17 and Under Silver Division
1st Place: Peace Love VB 17 (Mallory Murray, Emma Harrod, Franna Blackburn, Izzy Hawley, Emilee Carver, Jaelyn Olsen) coached by Rachael Little

2nd Place: NETVC 17 (Huntre Baxter, Lindsey Palmer, Hope McMurray, Hannah Lowe, Meghan Salyer, Megan Morelock, Caroline Forrester, Kari Walker, Kaitlyn Franklin) coached by Steve Phillippi

Women’s 16 and Under Division
1st Place: Extreme 16 Louise (Josie Canada, Paige Stelter, Anna Waddle, Molly Shaw, Jordan Scott, Peachy Bane, Brandi Wood, Keaton Moore, Keeley Morton) coached by Louise Stallworth

2nd Place: KVC 16 Frank (Katie McCann, Laura Rogers, Eve Little, Ali Chambers, Gillian Paulson, Abby Higgins, Kaelyn Solomon, Meredith Wright, Kelly Karnes) coached by Frank Forsythe and Janessa Stutlz

Women’s 15 and Under Gold Division
1st Place: KVC 15 LeAnn (Rachel Summers, Brooklyn Ireson, Morgan Rogers, Callie Dill, MacKenzie Carrier, Kelsey Bailey, Rachel DeLung, Madison Dye, Olivia McMakin, Laurel Russell) coached by LeAnn Lane and Kelli Ferguson

2nd Place: Extreme 15 (Sydney Goodsell, Alison Looney, Emilee Davis, Bella Bane, Kelseay Smith, Autum Sexton, Callie Peltier, Jordan Davis) coached by Taylor Leland

Women’s 15 and Under Silver Division
1st Place: Extreme 15 Marion (Alexandria Rakes, Caroline Booher, Sarah Burnett, Kerigan Mullins, Caeley Glisan, Cameron Billings, Hannah Yarber, Amanda Holmes) coached by Meagan Lester

2nd Place: Spartan 1 (Brittany Stapleton, Kaylee Jones, Coabby Swann, Kathyrn Courtney, Hannah Wyrick, Lacy Austin, Corace McCowan, Hannah Perry) coached by Brianne Casteel

Women’s 14 and Under Gold Division
1st Place: Extreme 14-1 (Lexie Worley, Adison Minor, Emma Fake, Courtney Gibson, Lexie Carrier, Camryn Birdwell, Anna Thompson, Courtney Rogers, McCoy Hensley) coached by Amber Norris

2nd Place: NETVC 14 Black (Hannah Barnett, Laiken Hoback, Alexis Singleton, Paizlee Pope, Sarah Sprouse, Samantha Venable, Sydney Byrd, Abby Carrick, Camille Lucas, Jillian Leffew) coached by Erika Waycaster

Women’s 14 and Under Silver Division
1st Place: KVC 14 Bryan (Victoria Barnett, Emily Crigger, Elizabeth Edwards, Josi Helmandollar, Bailey Jennings, Emily Miller, Sydney Morrell, Camri Nicksic, Sarah Taylor) coached by Bryan Dean

2nd Place: Illusion 14 (Kaylee Crockett, Brenna King, Marina Gross, Shelby Murphy, Paige Kegley, Bailey Sheets, Samantha Greer, Brianna Lambert) coached by Shauna Gillespie

Women’s 13 & Under Division
1st Place: KVC 13 AJ (Caroline Cable, Abby Fannon, Natile Hale, Abbie Herbert, Sarah Larkey, Sarah Marshall, Emma Mitchell, Samatha Monroe, Lauren Potter, Alexis Whiteside) coached by Jessica Schafer and Ashleigh Shain

2nd Place: KVC 13 Don (Meghan Carroll, Caitlin Crockett, Alexis Harless, Chloe Harless, Brooklyn Jones, Griffin Mullins, Elizabeth Seaver, Madison Townsend, Courtney Whitson) coached by Don Stephens

Women’s 12 & Under Division
1st Place: KVC 12 (Sophie Frohlich, MacKenzie Cummings, Makkenzie Compton, Rylee Waye, Makenzie Clark, Sydney Smith, Carly Shell, Parker Hurd) coached by Patricia Dygert

CO-ED A Division
1st Place: Just A Swinging (John Campbell, Jerry Dorsey, Kate Childs, Emily Cunningham, Scott Reichen, Mandy Irvin

2nd Place: Shake & Bake (Tennille Wines, Erika Waycaster, April Taylor, Ryan Booher, Brandon Taylor, Ashton Hippenstiel)

CO-ED BB Gold Division
1st Place: Clubbin It (Steve Phillippi, Paul Rumsey, Rachel Harr, Kari Walker, Beth Shelton, Wes Booher)

2nd Place: We Always Get It Up (Brian Webb, Chris Dale, Latosha Rectenwald, JD Jones, Emilee Hale, Alex Whitehead)

CO-ED BB Silver Division
1st Place: Swat Team (Robin Tiller, Kayla Tiller, Robyn Dougherty, Katie Dougherty, Robert Reburn)

2nd Place: Whatever (Cassie Phillips, Dave Phillips, Daniel Neeley, Julia Rafalowski, Kevin Willis)

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