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HARDTACK and HARD TIMES: Basketball Memories from Long Ago.

January 17th, 2014 4:08 pm by Ned Jilton

HARDTACK and HARD TIMES: Basketball Memories from Long Ago.

The Jonesborough Tiger's bring the up up court against Sullivan Middle School. Photo by Ned Jilton II

Normally I write about earlier history here but today I am writing briefly about more current history.

I arrived early before the Sullivan North vs Tri-Cities Christian game Thursday night and there was a middle school game wrapping up on the court.

I took a few photos, just as a warm-up for the varsity when I noticed the visiting teams uniforms were orange and said Tigers. I thought “that looks like my old rivals from my middle school basketball days” and sure enough when I asked it was the Jonesborough Tigers taking on the North Middle School Raiders. I was a Lamar Cherokee and the Tigers were one of our big rivals. The other being the Boones Creek Bars.

I remember that the coach tried to make Boones Creek the big rival. After all, with the opening of David Crockett High School, Jonesborough and Lamar would be together at Crockett while Boones Creek’s players would head for Daniel Boone.

I watched the game the same way I did all those years ago, sitting on the sidelines. Maybe that’s why I became the sports photographer I am today. While watching I seem to remember the players being bigger back in my day. Funny how time can change your perspective.

I think my seventh grade year we split with Boones Creek but lost two to Jonesborough. We had a good seventh grade team and some of them went on to start along side those Tigers at Crockett. I didn’t even try out in the eighth grade, hurt my back playing football. Actually I was running laps after practice and sneezed and that’s when I hurt my back, not during a game or even hitting in practice.

In the end North Middle won the game which left me with mixed emotions. I am glad that North won and my old rival had been beaten but they will be Pioneers in a year or so, just as I was, and I can't cheer against my old Alma mater.

I had the same view of the games in high school to, from the bench. Of course I was also a photographer in high school as well. I’m posting a few photos from Thursday's game below.

Additional Photos

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