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Octogenarian allegedly attacks 'smart-mouth' grandson

January 16th, 2014 2:15 pm by Rain Smith

Octogenarian allegedly attacks 'smart-mouth' grandson

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 13

Loss prevention caught a juvenile and an 18-year-old shoplifter at the Kingsport Town Center. The girl was arrested in the parking lot, while the teenager ran but was later located nearby. They are each charged with felony theft, with the clothing they rolled out of the stores valued at approximately $1,400.

Jan. 14

A woman was arrested for false reporting. In December, a juvenile was cited for underage consumption at a West Stone Drive bar, and she responded to take custody of the teen. At that time she claimed to be his mother, which officers later learned wasn't true, prompting a warrant and Wednesday's arrest.

Jan. 15

Police located a wanted man during a traffic stop. In May of 2013 he pulled the fire alarm at an apartment complex on Allen Drive, angry because his girlfriend "wouldn't provide him transportation." He was arrested on a warrant in Wednesday's stop, charged with false reporting.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 14

A Blountville resident reported that her cat had been stolen by her son's girlfriend. The suspect, who was in the process of moving out of the victim's apartment, told police over the phone that she wouldn't return the animal – she had vet bills to show she had been taking care of it, it's now her property.

A patrol deputy observed a car parked in the middle of Highway 11W, while a male and female stood beside the vehicle arguing. When the officer activated the squad car's lights and stopped to check on the couple, the man drove away and left the woman behind. As police spoke to her the male returned on foot, stating he was "sorry" for fleeing and, "didn't want to get in trouble." He was arrested for resisting stop or arrest.

A taxi driver called police to the Bristol Highway, where a customer waited until they were brought home to say that they didn't have any money. The drunk and "incoherent" man was arrested for theft of services and public intoxication.

A woman claimed her Yorkie was stolen out of her vehicle at a Bristol gas station. Police spoke to a potential suspect, with the man saying the alleged "victim" had actually stolen the dog from his yard several months prior. When an investigating officer contacted the woman again, she claimed to have watched surveillance video from the convenience store, but didn't recognize the dognapper. She added that she was no longer concerned about the Yorkie and would, "just get another one."

Police responded to a domestic assault call in Blountville, where a man and his grandfather, 85, were arguing "over a dog." The grandson, 35, claimed that his grandfather called him "a smart mouth" and hit him in the lip with a cordless phone. The grandfather denied the accusation, saying that his grandson had hit himself in the mouth – right after proclaiming, "Old man, you're the one going to jail!" Police couldn't determine the primary aggressor, while a woman at the residence denied being a witness. No action was taken.

Jan. 15

Police were dispatched to Bluff City Middle School after a student commented that he would "bring a gun to school" and kill his classmates. No weapon was located, his parents were contacted to respond, and the case was referred to juvenile court. 

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