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Woman faces knife assault charges against officers who tried to save her

January 13th, 2014 3:46 pm by Jeff Bobo

Woman faces knife assault charges against officers who tried to save her

Tammy R. Sensabaugh, 45

CHURCH HILL — A Church Hill woman who allegedly took an overdose of sleeping pills and then attempted to hold police at bay with a knife when they tried to take her to the hospital is facing four counts of felony assault.

Tammy R. Sensabaugh, 45, 505 Short Street, Church Hill, was served with an arrest warrant Friday stemming from the incident which occurred Dec. 6.

She was scheduled for arraignment Monday in Hawkins County Sessions Court on charges including four counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, simple assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

On Dec. 6 around 5:40 p.m. CHPD Officer Dustin Dean was dispatched to Sensabaugh’s residence on a report that a woman had overdosed on sleeping medication.

Dean stated in his report that when he arrived at the residence he observed Tammy Sensabaugh sitting in a chair in the living room and her husband, Johnny Sensabaugh standing near her.

“As I spoke with Tammy, she stated she was having problems from her husband and son and had taken several sleeping pills and wanted to die,” Dean stated in his report. “I began asking her about the amount of pills, and when she had taken them. During the questioning, Tammy became increasingly irate and stated, ‘I am not going anywhere and you all need to leave’.”

Dean added, “After several attempts to reason with Sensabaugh failed, I advised her that she would need to go with me to the hospital, or go voluntarily with the EMS. She stated again, ‘I am not going anywhere’.”

Sensabaugh then allegedly picked up a large kitchen knife which was under a blanket next to her and stated, "I said, get out. I am not going."

Her husband reportedly grabbed the knife from her left hand, and after a brief struggle she was taken into custody be several officers including Dean, CHPD officers Ethan Mays and Ethan Calhoun, and HCSO Deputy Josh Byrd.

“While attempting to remove her from the residence, Sensabaugh began struggling and fighting with officers again, and kicked Officer Mays as she was being carried to the police car,” Dean said. “She continued to struggle, curse, and scream until she was placed into the back of the cruiser.”

Sensabaugh was then transported to the Hawkins County Memorial Hospital where she was admitted for treatment and observation.

As of Monday afternoon Sensabaugh remained lodged at the Hawkins County Jail on $10,000 bond.

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