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Couponing 101: Are You Paying Too Much?

January 8th, 2014 8:22 am by Amanda Arnold-Drinnon

Couponing 101:  Are You Paying Too Much?

Have you ever went in the store, saw a “sale” and wondered if it’s really a good price or not?  So often, it’s easy to run in the store, grab what you need, and trust that the sale is really a sale.  The truth is…sometimes the sale price isn’t the best price. That can be a gigantic budget buster.  If you don’t know the best sale price, how can you know when to stock up and when to wait for a better deal? 

If you struggle to remember what the couponing prices are at the grocery store, having a reference list can help!  It’s important to know the best prices when shopping.  There are tons of guidelines to help you determine exactly what is a “good deal” when couponing.  After a couple of sale cycles, you will start to know the “new” prices and you won’t need the reference list.  Until then, just print one out and take it to the store with you.

When you look at the stock up prices on most couponing web sites, you will notice that there are two columns, “3 months”, and “6+ months”.  This tells you the prices and how much you need to stock.  The “3 Months” column means to stock enough to last until the next sale cycle.  These are the most common couponing prices and usually roll with the sale cycles.  The “6 months” column means there is a better deal for some reason (probably stackable with or another deal) and these are less common prices. You should stock enough for at least 6 months.  To find reference lists, you can search for “stockpile prices, couponing” on Google or any other search engine.  Also, here are a couple of links to get started:

If you have ever wondered if those “double rolls” of toilet paper are truly doubled…Then check this one for toilet paper:

These are reference lists and can vary by region. One that I have never seen is dishwasher tabs for 50 cents a box.  The general rule for these and laundry tabs are 10 cents per tab.  As you start to learn the sale cycles, you will pick up on the prices in our region.  This is one of the BIG reasons it takes so many weeks to learn to coupon.  You really need to see the prices through two sale cycles. 

Next week, we will start looking at shopping at individual stores, their coupon policies, and how to get the most from their deals.

Please send all questions, comments, and/or tips to  I look forward to hearing from you!

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