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Key dates in tobacco fight since smoking report

January 4th, 2014 1:45 pm by Associated Press

Key dates in tobacco fight since smoking report

In this March 14, 1953 file photo, Michael Miller, 5, of Fargo, N.D., holds one of his last candy cigarettes in the year North Dakota's governor signed a bill forbidding the sale or possession of candy packaged to resemble cigarettes. (AP Photo)

Some key events in the fight over tobacco during the last 50 years:

1964: U.S. surgeon general report concludes smoking causes lung cancer.

1965: Warning labels required on cigarette packs.

1971: TV and radio commercials for cigarettes banned.

1972: Airlines told to provide no-smoking sections.

1987: Aspen, Colo., becomes first U.S. city to ban smoking in restaurants.

1988: Smoking banned on short domestic airline flights.

1998: Forty-six states reach $206 billion settlement with cigarette makers.

2000: Smoking prohibited on international flights.

2009: Food and Drug Administration authorized to regulate tobacco products.

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