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Best of the Blotter: Love gone wrong

January 2nd, 2014 12:37 pm by Rain Smith

Best of the Blotter: Love gone wrong

Take one last look back at some of the most unique blotter entries of 2013. Today we highlight relationships gone awry.


A caller advised a couple were fighting in the yard of a Lynn Avenue home, with the husband now "sitting on" his wife. An officer arrived to find the woman still pinned to the ground by the man, who was bleeding from a bite mark on his forearm. The man stated his wife was supposed to turn herself in to the Greene County Jail but refused to do so — and after signing her bond, he was "just trying to keep her from running." The woman corroborated his story, but a subsequent check of records revealed she was clear of warrants. Nevertheless, she was arrested by Kingsport police and charged with domestic assault, as was her husband.

A domestic dispute was reported on Lawrence Street, where a man claimed his wife refuses to return his cane, Bible and Percocet.

An officer was dispatched to an alleged assault at a residence on Creek Road. Investigation revealed a man, 32, had been arguing with his girlfriend's female acquaintance over their "close relationship." When he called her a lesbian, according to statements made to police, his girlfriend's friend "smacked him in the mouth." Police referred the man to private prosecution, with him then retrieving his belongings and leaving the home.

A Sullivan County woman told dispatch that her husband wasn't home, but he should be, and when he arrives he'll just, "come in cussing and yelling" — which she doesn't like.

Police were called to a disturbance on Dean Road in Mooresburg, where a man claimed his wife had been, "drinking and arguing all day." The woman was located hiding beneath a boat outside the home, and agreed to come out and speak with officers. While doing so she allegedly told her husband, "Look at this mess you got me in to" — then punched him in the arm. That prompted a charge of domestic assault, while her subsequent yelling and cussing earned a count of disorderly conduct. At the jail she refused officer commands, threw a shoe at a deputy and continued cursing; this time sprinkling in racial slurs. She was additionally charged with a resisting arrest and assault on an officer.


A Blountville man wanted an officer to look around his yard "for anything suspicious." He believed his wife may have thrown items onto his property the night before, attempting to frame him for "making meth."

Police responded to a report of a Coeburn man who had, "cut his chest from nipple to nipple." When located the man advised that the wound was self-inflicted, an attempt to kill himself because his wife was mad. He reportedly said he abandoned the suicide attempt because it "hurt too bad" — adding his wife was angry because he went to see his girlfriend.


A Church Hill woman requested EMS on Ramey Town Road, saying she could not see out of one eye. She was reportedly uncooperative in answering questions from medical personnel and dispatchers, but eventually stated her boyfriend had spit tobacco juice in her eye.

Police responded to a Kingsport home where one resident, 81, was armed with a pocket knife and threatening to harm his family. After attempting to resist officers, he was arrested for aggravated assault, saying that he was mad because his wife had a Valentine from "another man." The woman reported she received the card during a Valentine's Day trip to the doctor's office, where they were being handed out to everyone in the waiting room.

A Kingsport man claimed to be hearing voices in his attic. He told dispatch that he suspected it was his girlfriend and her "new man" — but she's no longer there because he "run her off."


A Surgoinsville woman allegedly found two slashed tires on her vehicle, along with a note stating, "You have messed with the wrong bitch's man. Last Warning."

Police visited Bristol Regional Medical Center to speak with the alleged victim of an assault. He claimed to have been hit across the back with an ax handle on Old Elizabethton Highway, naming two possible suspects who were present. One was a woman he has "dated a few times." The other was a female he knows only as "Hoochie Momma."

A caller from Bluff City claimed "some man" had taken his wife away — adding that she may have left with his IRS check. The male suspect was described as skinny with brown hair, his wife as wearing an orange shirt and "insulated underwear." Approximately 15 minutes later, the husband called dispatch again, saying they both had returned and everything's OK.


A man visited the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to speak with officers, wanting to learn more about an order of protection his girlfriend had filed against him. Twenty-five minutes later, police responded to an unwanted guest call at a county residence, finding the same man now outside his girlfriend’s home. He told police he had come to pick her up to go shopping, but her mother wouldn’t let her leave. He was then arrested for violation of the court order.


A man called police on his "soon-to-be ex-wife," saying she was "hitting his truck with a shovel."

Police responded to a Gravely Road residence, where a divorced couple continue to live together. When the man told his ex-wife that she needed to choose between him and his nephew, according to a police report, the woman chose his nephew. This led to a physical altercation between the men, 66 and 60-years-old, and the nephew ultimately breaking a walking stick over his uncle's head. He was arrested for aggravated domestic assault.


A Rogersville man reported arguing with his girlfriend throughout the day, but they eventually reconciled with "make-up sex." Afterwards they began "talking about the past and arguing again" — with the girlfriend eventually swinging a skillet at his head. He blocked the blow with his arm and the suspect fled.


A woman reported an assault at her ex-boyfriend's home on Beaver Creek Road, after she confronted him about two pairs of panties she spotted on the porch. The man allegedly grabbed the underwear the complainant was wearing and ripped them off, then hit her in the side of the head. He then dropped to his knees and begged forgiveness, according to her statements to police, so she had him drive her to another home to get some feminine hygiene products. At that residence another fight erupted, with the woman's ex-boyfriend pacing the road and "making threats." The suspect left prior to police arrival.


Shortly after 9 a.m. a Kingsport woman alerted police to her missing husband. After being "up all night playing video games" he left their residence at 4:30 a.m., heading to get breakfast at Hardee's. He later called his wife to relay "a problem" at the John B. Dennis location, so he's now going to the Hardee's in Colonial Heights. Four hours later she had yet to see or hear from him, which is strange because he calls, "every 10 minutes when he goes somewhere." A little before noon another family member talked with police. They said the matter had been resolved, the man had ended up at Hardee's in Gate City. The delay was due to him "falling asleep in the parking lot," but now he's fine and on his way home.


A Bluff City man reported "recently" meeting a woman on a dating website. Just the day before he had driven to North Carolina to pick her up and bring her home, with her agreeing to clean the place in order to stay. But when he returned from work her bags were gone, while his pistol was missing, "from the side of a recliner in the living room." Prior to speaking with police he checked her profile on the dating website, finding her address is now listed as Bristol, Tenn.

A Kingsport woman received a call from her bank, asking if she had written a check for $3,800. She had not, and alerted police to the incident. Investigation revealed her boyfriend had written and cashed it without her permission, with him telling detectives he had "borrowed it" for some "spending money." He was arrested for felony theft.


A Mooresburg man reported being assaulted by his live-in-girlfriend, who woke him up and then hit him "with a scarf." He also said she had pointed a loaded handgun at him three weeks ago, but he has since locked all his weapons in a safe.

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