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Sullivan North principal eyes upgrades to facility

January 1st, 2014 8:30 pm by Rick Wagner

Sullivan North principal eyes upgrades to facility

KINGSPORT — From the removal of metal lockers already under way to plans for an academic hall of fame and repurposing the old pool area, Sullivan North High School Principal Brent Palmer has some ideas in mind for the school he’s headed since August.

Palmer, who moved from an assistant principal at South High to North principal for 2013-14, recently gave the school system’s Facilities Committee an update on current and pending projects at North after the committee’s meeting there. Palmer came to head North after the retirement of longtime North Principal Richard Carroll.

“Students just don’t use them,” Palmer said of the lockers. “We would like to see that space freed up.” 

Maintenance workers soon will remove about 150 lockers adjacent to the art section of the building, similar to an earlier removal of lockers in a nearby area.

Palmer would like to remove even more lockers, given that they are a “maze” and give students a place to do “undesirable” things. But he also said the band, Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and other classes and programs could use the freed up space that is open and roughly the size of a classroom.

However, maintenance supervisor Joe Davenport is keeping an eye on maintaining functional capacity at North in case more space is needed in the future.

The most ambitious project on Palmer’s list is likely turning the old pool area into a multipurpose athletic facility.

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