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Best of the blotter: Animal instincts

January 1st, 2014 2:00 pm by Rain Smith

Best of the blotter: Animal instincts

We're reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013, with today's focus on police calls involving animals.


A caller from Violet Street told dispatches that a man was, "wrestling a potbellied pig."

A caller told dispatch that a duck "won't move" from the middle of a road in Wise. Police in the area found the duck in a driveway, advising the caller that there's not much they can do about it, while attempts to run it away proved unsuccessful.

A Payne Ridge Road resident reported a burglary at his home. Items stolen: BB gun, padlock, gray in color pet cat.

Chickens were reportedly stolen from a location on Birch Street. Forty five minutes later the alleged victim called dispatch again, saying the thieves were now across the road "hollering."


A turkey flew into a Ford F250 westbound on I-26, breaking through the windshield. An accident report says the truck's occupants suffered minor injuries while the turkey "ended up in the rear floorboard."

A caller from Wise advised a large bear was on their patio, "trying to steal the freezer." When officers arrived the bear was gone, but the freezer was observed to have been unplugged and moved


A Rogersville woman claimed 25 chicks had been stolen from a pen in her front yard. She reportedly told police it was more of a harassment than actually theft, due to it, "only happening once a year."

On Little Oak Road campers reported a "ruckus" near their campsite. They claimed to have spotted something big with their flashlights, believing it to be either a bear or a wolf.

A Kingsport resident advised their neighbor, who was armed with a handgun, was yelling and accusing someone of shooting his pig.


A Church Hill resident claimed to have been hit by another resident of her home. The suspect said she had not hit the other woman — she was just mad at her for chasing a cat out of the house with a baseball bat. Police observed no injures and took no action.


Police were alerted to women fighting in the parking lot of a Kingsport business "over a monkey...a real monkey." Dispatchers then learned one suspect had fled in a car with the animal: "It has been monkeyknapped." An officer responded to speak with the female who remained behind, getting her account of the rhesus monkey's sale — and subsequent dispute over the amount paid. She claimed that when they met in the parking lot to resolve the issue, the other woman attacked. She then held up for police a "clump of hair" alleged to have been pulled from her head. Meanwhile, the alleged monkey thief who had fled soon visited the Mount Carmel Police Department, wishing to file an assault report on the other individual. Both women were advised of how to pursue charges, while disputes over the monkey's sale would be a civil issue.

Authorities were alerted to a potential hazard in Boone Lake: a dead cow.


A Coeburn woman requested that EMS respond to treat her non-responsive dog, after it wrapped its leash around some bushes and nearly, "hung herself." Dispatch referred the caller to a vet's office, telling her an ambulance would not be dispatched to treat an animal.

A caller from Coeburn alerted dispatch to "a very friendly pig" in the roadway. While animal control was en route, the woman called again, saying a man who is familiar with the pig and the pig's owner had arrived at the scene. The animal was last seen following the man back to its home.


A resident of Bristol Caverns Highway alerted police to a possible theft in progress. He said a pair of "younger guys" in a pickup truck were going up and down the road with a fish net, attempting to catch his neighbor's roosters and chickens. When police arrived, the suspects had already left the area.


A Surgoinsville woman called police on her neighbor's Chihuahua, angry that it, "defecates near her home." She said the dog has also entered her property to eat her cat's food, urinate on her residence.

A man called 911 from an East Stone Drive motel. He told dispatch that he had taken dog medication, because he was concerned he may have worms, but then read on the label that it's not for human consumption. EMS responded to provide treatment, finding him conscious and alert.


Dispatchers received a call from Big Stone Gap, with a woman saying she needed to speak with someone about leash laws. She relayed that a dog had run onto the porch and approached her aunt, age 76, then "hunched her leg." The elderly victim was knocked down by the animal's advances, but declined the response of EMS. The caller said they did wish to file a formal complaint.


A Dry Branch Road resident was outside her garage when she heard a "loud screeching noise" that she recognized to be a raccoon. When she saw a flashlight on the hillside she assumed her neighbor was "shooting raccoons again" — then heard a shot and felt a "sting on her leg." Though her skin wasn't broken and she was not injured, a "small bullet" was found lying on the ground beside her foot. She said she then confronted the neighbor with "a few choice words," to which he responded, "What can I tell you, I was just shooting a coon." Police determined the bullet that struck the woman had likely ricocheted off a tree, while her neighbor had no intent of shooting her. The victim also conceded that it was an accident with no criminal attempt, so police took no action.

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