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Best of the blotter: Under the influence

December 31st, 2013 10:22 am by Rain Smith

Best of the blotter: Under the influence

We're reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today's focus is on police incidents related to drugs and alcohol.


Police spoke with a man who was staggering around in the Dollar General on New Beason Well Road, while cuts to his hand were leaving a "trail of blood" throughout the store. He allegedly spoke with slurred speech, cursing police as they detained him. Officers learned he was the suspect in an incident on nearby Tate Drive, where the resident ordered him to leave after stealing her children's candy. He allegedly punched out a door's stained glass before departing, told the woman she'd "regret this" and held a pocket knife to her dog's throat. He was arrested.

An Appalachia woman reported being awakened by a neighbor's party. She claimed that when she walked outside to see what was going on a reveler urinated on her head.

A man reported concern for an elderly woman on Windy Hills Road, who he had not heard from in several days. An officer responded to find the woman was intoxicated and, "did not want to be disturbed." She shut her home's door in the deputy's face.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. a bicyclist — with no type of lights on his bicycle — crossed Memorial Boulevard directly in front of a police cruiser. The officer reports sounding an air horn to alert the cyclist, soliciting "(expletive) you" from the rider. The officer turned around to speak with the man at a gas station and detected "an immediate strong odor of alcohol." The suspect allegedly admitted to drinking "a couple" beers, prompting his arrest for public intoxication, failure to exercise due care and improper equipment on his bicycle.


A manager of Maurice's on East Stone Drive advised a pair of females were "extremely intoxicated" in the changing rooms. A responding officer reports waiting an "extended period of time" for the women to exit the rooms, at which time they exhibited poor balance and slurred speech. Both were arrested for public intoxication, with one suspect admitting to taking multiple narcotic medications throughout the day.

Someone called 911 from a residence on Muddy Creek Road, wishing to ask "some medical questions." An ambulance was ultimately dispatched to the location after a dispatcher learned an intoxicated juvenile was "throwing up everywhere."


Police located a woman "staggering around the parking lot" outside the Blountville jail. She allegedly admitted to taking three Xanax and a Tylenol PM prior to arriving to serve weekend time for DUI. She was charged with public intoxication then booked into jail.

Officers were looking for two intoxicated men who allegedly, "jumped the fence next to the helipad," at Bristol Motor Speedway.

A man was found passed out in the floor of a women's restroom at BMS, with a Jello shooter in his pocket. He was arrested after telling police there was no one who could come get him.


A man called police to a domestic disturbance between him and his girlfriend on Concord Street. An officer arrived to find him sitting in a chair on the front yard, intoxicated and unable to "coherently describe" what had occurred. After raising his voice and becoming exceedingly aggressive — including repeated statements of how he's "good at fighting" — he was arrested for public intoxication.


Shortly after 7 p.m. police responded to a Carters Valley crash, where a GMC pickup had "struck a cow in the roadway." The driver left the scene but was soon located and stopped, with officers observing him to have bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He reportedly admitted to drinking "a few beers" earlier in the evening and was "unable" to perform sobriety tests. He was arrested and charged with DUI and leaving the scene of a crash. A police report says his truck sustained damage to the right front, while the cow's condition was not specified.

Police were alerted to an intoxicated man at a John B. Dennis Highway gas station. After reportedly "staggering around the store," he exited the business and fell down, rolling beneath his car.


An Oak Grove Road resident advised police of a dispute, saying an intoxicated man had walked into his house and, "tried to use the bathroom."


A woman called 911 after a man — who had been drinking "all day" — attempted to urinate in a dresser. She said he had also fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand, going into a rage when she removed it.

Shortly before 6 a.m. police responded to a report of a man sprawled across Princeton Road. The caller said the man appears to be alive, but is unresponsive. An officer arrived to find the suspect emitting a strong odor of alcohol and "lying in the middle of the roadway on a pillow." When asked what he was doing, he said he was on his way to a family member's house, while a duffel bag in his possession was found to contain liquor. He was charged with public intoxication and transported to jail "for his safety and the safety of the public."


Police worked a crash on East Sullivan Street, where a car had hit a utility police. A passenger — who was bleeding from his arm, and had saliva pouring "uncontrollably from his mouth" — was located hiding behind a nearby building. He was arrested, deemed too intoxicated, "to conduct himself properly in public." Meanwhile, the driver of the car performed poorly on field sobriety tests, commenting, "I'm drunk, I can't do this." When asked for consent for a blood draw he agreed, then expounded, "I'll just tell you, I'm drunk, so I don't know why I need a blood test." He was arrested for DUI.

A man was transported to the hospital after "drinking two bottles of rubbing alcohol."


A Big Stone Gap woman called police after a man ran into her home. He then entered a closet, according to the caller, and began putting on her clothes. Officers responded, pulled the suspect out and arrested him, noting that he appeared to be high on an unknown substance.

Police responded to a report of gunfire on Rockford Street, finding a residence with a window shot out. An intoxicated woman lying on the living room couch told police she was to blame, had pulled the trigger of a handgun, "to see if it was loaded." The gun was located in a bedroom, she was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

A man reported his 1994 Cadillac had been stolen by a friend, naming the suspect to police. Just half a mile from the alleged victim's residence on Highway 421, police located the car off the road, resting on its side. Police then transported the man — who had lacerations to his face, neck and hands — to the crash, where one of his shoes was spotted at the scene. He initially denied wrecking the car, but then admitted to driving it when the incident occurred. He said he'd consumed eight beers, adding that he was "sorry for lying." He was charged with DUI, false reporting and driving on a suspended license.

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