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Best of the Blotter: Lewd and nude

December 30th, 2013 12:51 pm by Rain Smith

Best of the Blotter: Lewd and nude

Through the end of the year we'll be reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today we highlight police calls involving lewd activity and a lack of clothing.


At approximately 7:40 p.m. a Chinquapin Grove Road resident reported a naked female outside their home. Police responded to speak with the female, who claimed to have been on the way to a party in Johnson City with a friend. The friend's vehicle allegedly broke down, with the pair separating and walking different directions to find assistance. The female told police that a "young couple" stopped to pick her up. She said a female in the vehicle told her to take off her clothes and she complied — at which time the couple "put her out" on the side of the road.


An individual at a shopping center in Piney Flats alerted police to a child inside a car, wearing no pants. The caller claimed he was "shaking his private" at passing motorists.


At 10:37 a.m. dispatchers were alerted to a man standing beside a pickup at I-81's mile marker 58. Except for a pair of tennis shoes, according to the caller, the man was, "naked from the waist down." He was also alleged to have, "his privates in his hands." Twenty minutes later THP located the truck and naked man at mile marker 71, according to dispatch records, with backup requested and received from Bristol police. The suspect was arrested at the scene without incident.

A man was allegedly walking along Memorial Boulevard with his, "pants pulled down."

An officer was dispatched to a fight at a Bulls Gap residence, locating a naked woman inside the home. She was reportedly "cursing at everyone" — including police — and ignored commands to calm down. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.


A man in Appalachia wanted to speak with police "before things get out of hand." He then described how a woman is making claims that he's stalking her, but all he's doing is lying on his couch while listening to the radio. The man added that she thinks "everyone wants her body," but he'd "just as soon want a dog."

A Blountville resident claimed their neighbor performs in porno — complete with a film name — and had recently shot a video outside of her home. Police were directed to a website where the video had been uploaded, finding the suspect "casually" strolling nude in her driveway. She then fondled herself on the porch while boasting, "a car could drive by any neighbors know I'm a naughty girl." At one point the unknown videographer panned the camera, according to an incident report, revealing the back of neighboring homes. A criminal summons was obtained for the suspect, charging her with misdemeanor indecent exposure. Police say the charges have since been dropped, as there was no evidence that unsolicited viewers had observed the filming take place.


A Piney Flats caller claimed that his ex-girlfriend came into his house, "took off her clothes" and began assaulting him.

A Big Stone Gap woman reported condoms had been thrown at her home. She said they are filled with various condiments before they are tossed — including mustard and Thousand Island dressing — which leaves stains on her residence upon impact. She added that condoms had also been tied to a door handle.


Dispatch was alerted to a man and woman fighting on Fairview Avenue, with the caller stating twice that the female "has no top on." A police report makes no mention of nudity, but both were arrested for public intoxication.

Police were alerted to lewd acts occurring at the Kingsport Town Center. A loss prevention officer entered a men's restroom after receiving information about the activities, observing a man walking back and forth between a urinal and stall. When the man exited a stall while "actively"' fondling himself — and smiling at the loss prevention officer — he was detained and police were contacted. The suspect allegedly claimed to have seen, "other men doing it and thought it was OK." He was arrested for indecent exposure.

A mail carrier on Devault Bridge Road called police after spotting a man by the road "with his pants down to his knees." The carrier said that at the same time yesterday he observed the man "completely naked."

A pair of Stone Drive neighbors called police on the residents of a third home, concerned about their coupling habits. One complainant said that her friends were driving past when they saw the neighbors having sex, adding that she was worried her child would see one of their trysts. The other complainant said he had personally spotted the pair "having sex against a tree in their front yard." Neither wished to pursue charges, but wanted police to speak with the suspects. When confronted by an officer, the couple denied the allegations, but were still explained the potential consequences for such alleged behavior.


A woman told police she was at a stop sign in the Whitesburg area of Hawkins County at 4:15 p.m. As she awaited the arrival of her children's school bus, the teenage driver of a Mini Cooper stopped and "shook his penis at her" — then asked, "do you want a ride?" She did not know the suspect.


A Piney Flats woman reported that a man had arrived at her home, claiming to be a friend of her husband. He said her spouse had granted him permission to take a shower, so she let him inside. When he began fondling himself, according to the woman, she called police. He fled the scene, while she was told to alert authorities if he returned.

A Kingsport man reported his girlfriend — who had been "drinking all night" — came into his bedroom and started "aggravating him." He reportedly told her to leave him alone, as he had to go to work the next morning, and fled to the living room to go back to sleep. She would later follow, according to the man, so he stood up and told her, "Stop and just leave." A police report says that's when she "grabbed his scrotum with both her hands and started squeezing and pulling." When another resident of the home — who heard the alleged victim scream — told the woman police had been called, she said "good" and went outside to await their arrival. An officer observed "cuts and abrasions" to the man's scrotum and thigh, prompting the woman's arrest for domestic assault.

Police were alerted to a man inside the women's restroom at a Blountville convenience store. The clerk said he'd been in the bathroom for 10 minutes, and may have stolen condoms. A responding officer spoke with the man, who reportedly began cussing and refused to calm down. He also asked "Why there was a problem?" with going in the lady's room. A check of his wallet found a driver's license, debit card and social security cards that belonged to other people. When questioned about the items he started cursing again, claiming he'd "found them." Due to his continual disruption of business he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Police say he "was annoying and threatening in a public place." Meanwhile, a check of the restroom found no condoms or packaging.


Police were called to Sullivan East High School, where a cafeteria worker was accused of stealing cash from a coworker's purse. The suspect, 29, denied having the victim's money, then told officers she'd "strip" to "prove it." After being told that wasn't necessary, she proceeded to take off her shoes and socks. Then her shirt. Then her pants and bra, declaring, "See, I don't have it." Police then checked a shoe she had removed, finding $27 stuffed beneath the insole. The shoes, she claimed, belonged to her husband. She was arrested and charged with theft.

A Dodge pickup on West Stone Drive was "all over the road," according to a caller, while the passenger was, "mooning other drivers."


In Bloomingdale a woman was reportedly "fussing" with a man. A description of the angry woman that was provided to central dispatch: "Out on the porch naked."


The clerk at a West Stone Drive motel reported harassment from a guest. The man had called the front desk and asked that she "come to his room for sex" — adding that he'd pay her for the services. When she declined, he continued to call the desk, but now angrily cursing, prompting her to request that police kick him out of his room. The man refused to unlock his door for responding officers, with the clerk giving them permission to kick in his door. Police found the suspect to be unsteady on his feet with an odor of alcohol — and during a search attempted to "kiss or bite" a male officer. The officer then struck the man once in the face with an open hand. He was arrested for public intoxication, harassment, trespassing and simple assault on police. Due to officers having to knock down the motel room's door, he was additionally charged with vandalism under $500.

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