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Best of the blotter: Parental advisories

December 29th, 2013 10:00 am by Rain Smith

Best of the blotter: Parental advisories

Through the end of the year we'll be reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today we highlight police calls on children — and the adults who raise them.


Central dispatch received six 911 calls from a 9-year-old boy on West Valley Drive. He allegedly screamed obscenities during the calls, boasted he had killed his parents and threatened to kill police. The boy's father was eventually reached by phone, with a dispatcher noting he, "seemed a little out of it, didn't seem too upset that his son keeps calling us." Later in the day an officer visited the residence. The boy then called dispatchers and apologized for his antics.

Dispatch was advised of parents arguing with the referee of an elementary school basketball game at Sullivan Central, forcing response from an officer.


At approximately 7:15 p.m. police were alerted to a disturbance at Emmett Elementary School in Bristol, Tenn. According to dispatch records, someone was hit in the gut while "trying to break up a female and a referee." The suspect was then asked to leave and complied, with an officer telling dispatch everything was now fine.


A caller from Wise reported children had an adult restrained inside a residence after, "playing with handcuffs." Officers responded to find a mother and son cuffed together, freeing the restrained pair.


A juvenile on Rock Springs Road allegedly used a baseball bat to break things inside a residence. Dispatch was told the boy's father is now sitting on him, trying to prevent him from causing additional damage.

Police visited Weaver Branch Road after a 12-year-old, armed with knives, allegedly threatened to stab another child, age 6.

Police were called to Holston Elementary School in Blountville, finding the principal had been punched, kicked and bitten by an 8-year-old. An educator and an officer had to restrain the boy in a chair, one holding his legs and the other his arms. A police report states the incident began when the boy disobeyed his teacher's orders to get off a chair, then smacked a female student on the arm. A total of three school employees were treated at the scene for bruises and abrasions, while the Department of Children's Services was notified of the incident.


Police were alerted to an incident that occurred the previous evening at Cherokee High School. During tryouts for the color guard an employee was approached by an adult female, who allegedly "demanded" access to a restroom. School personnel granted entry, but later learned from witnesses that she left with, "a bag full of toilet paper." A check of the restroom revealed approximately 50 rolls had been stolen, valued at $37.50. A 45-year-old Bulls Gap woman was identified to police as the suspect, with her later located and interviewed. She was charged with theft under $500.

A 2007 Ford Mustang heading towards Fall Branch was reportedly driven by a 15-year-old, unlicensed driver. Her passengers were alleged to have been, "at least five other kids."

Police were alerted to an adult "threatening teachers" during a picnic at Central Heights Elementary School. One teacher had told a student, whose grandparents were in attendance for the event, to stop running six times. A police report states she eventually placed her hands on the child's shoulders, in accordance with the school's training, to make him stop. The student then "threw himself to the ground saying he was hurt" — igniting a profanity-laced tirade from the grandparents. Police say the grandmother "put her finger" in one teacher's face, saying she'd "come after them" if they ever touched the child again. She's also alleged to have, "made threats against their lives." No charges were placed in the incident.
Adults voted off the board of a Bloomingdale youth baseball league were "hanging out" at a ball field, according to a caller, but they "should not be there." One of the suspects was alleged to have also "made threats" earlier in the evening.


A 10-year-old kicked the windows out of a vehicle at a West Stone Drive medical facility. The caller reported holding the boy down until police could arrive.

Police responded to Domtar Park following several complaints of a man, "hanging around children and giving them candy." The suspect, 51, was found at nearby Netherland Inn park and admitted to giving cherries to both children and adults. He then began yelling that they can "burn in hell" for calling the police. The man was told several times to watch his language and calm down, according to a police report, but continued screaming, "burn in hell." He also reached into a pocket several times, telling police he had a bomb. No explosive was located, but he was arrested for disorderly conduct and banned from Domtar Park.


In Bloomingdale a woman was allegedly assaulted by her son, who then "threw her purse on top of the building." The suspect fled the scene, while the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department responded to retrieve the victim's possessions from the roof.

Someone called 911 on an unruly girl, 14, who was, "screaming and cussing...refusing to obey." The caller said the child's tantrum was spurred by her desire, "to go to Fun Fest."

Dispatch was alerted to adults who were letting children, ages 12 and 16, smoke cigarettes.


Police were called over an 11-year-old Kingsport girl refusing to go to school. Forty minutes later, dispatch relayed that she "is a fighter... it took two officers to get her to school."

Police were called to Sullivan Central High School, where a student was punched in the head in shop class. When the 15-year-old fell to the floor, his attacker, 16, allegedly struck him two additional times. The suspect said he was "taking revenge" for a friend whom the other boy had snitched on for having tobacco at school. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment, while charges of simple assault will be filed in juvenile court.


At 1:30 a.m. police responded to a suspicious van and camper on a Rogersville car lot, finding a man with his 14-year-old grandson. The man, 52, said he was acting as security at the business, an assertion officers confirmed with the owner. However, the juvenile had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, with police finding beer, liquor and moonshine in the pair's camper. The teen told officers he was drinking with his grandfather, prompting the man's arrest for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police were asked to check Wesley Drive for a 13-year-old girl driving a car, in which a "small baby" was a passenger.


Police were called to a fight in front of Jackson Elementary School, as parents were dropping off their children. The complainant, who lives nearby, said he was trying to get home and negotiate past the multiple parents "parked in the street." While passing one vehicle the other driver allegedly "cut him off" — thinking he was trying to "jump line." Police took no action but noted they would observe traffic around the school for future problems.

A Kingsport woman called 911 during an argument with her juvenile son, who reportedly said she was stupid, "and giving him a headache."

Dispatch was alerted to a 17-year-old who was drunk and, "raising hell, not wanting to clean up." According to the caller, the girl had used the bathroom on herself, "puked all over the place."

A Mooresburg teen returned home after being gone for three days, then proceeded yelling that he, "wanted to go to school." When his father said that he wasn't feeling well, thus couldn't take him, the 17-year-old, "became irate and punched the lights out over the kitchen table." He left prior to police arrival. According to his father, the boy hadn't attended classes for his GED since August.

A Kingsport teen reportedly threatened a schoolmate, angry because his pregnant girlfriend had cheated on him.


Officers were called to a Rogersville home after a 14-year-old went berserk over use of the phone. According to her mother, the girl had been banned from making calls after getting in trouble at school but still tried to grab a cell phone. When those attempts were unsuccessful, she retrieved a knife from a kitchen drawer, telling her brother, "I'm going to (expletive) kill you." Her mother then wrested the weapon away and dialed 911. The girl was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault and transferred to a juvenile detention center.


A 16-year-old girl allegedly threw a fit the day after Thanksgiving, mad that her grandmother, "refused to get her cigarettes...let her smoke." The victim, 71, said that during the tantrum her home was egged and windows were broken, and the teen still refuses to clean up the mess five days later. An officer estimated damages at over $300, advised the woman of how to take out charges on her granddaughter.

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