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Best of the Blotter: Food Fights

December 28th, 2013 10:00 am by Rain Smith

Best of the Blotter: Food Fights

Through the end of the year we'll be reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today we look at police incidents fueled by food.


A resident of Oasis Lane called police over a dispute with his wife. When a deputy responded it was learned he was mad because she had eaten leftover fish before he returned home. The woman corroborated his story. No assault had taken place, with the couple advising they could remain together at the residence with no further problems.

At 6:23 a.m. police responded to a disturbance on Denton Valley Road, where a married couple admitted to drinking since the previous day. The man was angry because his wife had refused to give him his medication, and later poured beer "all over" his face. When he attempted to walk to the kitchen to get away from her, she allegedly followed and hit him "upside the head" with a jar of peanut butter. The woman — who told police she was just trying to prevent her husband from abusing his meds — was arrested for simple domestic assault.

Deputies responded to a report of burglary at a Rogersville residence. The victim claimed to have stepped outside and then reentered, finding that a neighbor was snooping through his closet. When asked what he was doing the neighbor allegedly claimed, "looking for some candy." The suspect was gone upon police arrival, while the resident didn't buy the searching for sweets excuse.


A Rogersville man allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and spit in her face, enraged because she refused to buy him beer.


During an argument over whether there was "enough spice on the chicken" a Surgoinsville man allegedly heaved his wife's chicken and dumplings, "through a glass window into the yard." The man was gone upon the arrival of police, who observed the busted window and food outside on the ground.

Police responded to a disturbance on Byington Road, where a husband and wife were arguing over rotting food inside their residence. The woman blamed the incident on her husband, as he won't fix the air conditioner and it gets too hot in their home.

A third party called police to a residence off Forest View Road, claiming a man had pointed a gun at a female. The suspect told a responding deputy that the woman actually had the weapon, had been, "waving it around and cursing." The female refuted his account, saying he grabbed the gun and threatened to kill her over, "how fast she was cooking dinner." Police located the weapon under a T-shirt in a front room of the home, but could not determine a primary aggressor. Both were arrested and charged with aggravated assault.


A burglar allegedly ate "all the food" at a Coeburn residence, then made away with the homeowner's cat. The victim asked that police respond, "to finger print the place for clues."


Police were advised of a domestic disturbance in Bloomingdale, where a man "threw a Coke at his wife."

A Rogersville woman became angry when she found her daughter, 17, using her new set of muffin pans. A physical confrontation ensued, with the two females pulling each other's hair. There were no visible injuries, the pair separated for the night and police took no action.

Dispatch was alerted to a domestic altercation at a home in Big Stone Gap, where someone was throwing beer cans out the door. A man was also heard screaming, "No, no, no!"

A Piney Flats woman called police after her grandson walked up behind her, then struck her in the head without warning. The suspect was arrested and charged with domestic assault, saying he hit the woman because she was poisoning his food.


A caller from Bluff City said she had taken a friend to the store. The friend's boyfriend then threatened to shoot her, mad because they, "went to the wrong Food City."

Residents of a Sullivan County mobile home park called police on their "elderly" neighbor, saying that sometime overnight she "threw a can of beets" at their car. The suspect denied the accusation, adding that she, "does not go outside after dark."

In a fight that began “over dirty dishes,” a Piney Flats man allegedly held a pillow over his wife’s face. The next day he arrived home and started arguing about dinner, according to the woman, and threw a phone. She was advised how to obtain an order of protection.


A Piney Flats woman, 24, told police that she had been arguing with her father, "over coffee....where it was and why it was moved." The man, 62, reportedly became "irate" during the dispute, striking his daughter, "With the pointy end of a pair of scissors." Police observed a "very small mark" on the alleged victim's hand, while her father said he didn't remember much of the incident. He did, however, admit to "smacking her hand" because she, "wouldn't leave the coffee alone." He was arrested for simple assault.

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