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Best of the blotter: Curious calls to 911

December 27th, 2013 11:15 am by Rain Smith

Best of the blotter: Curious calls to 911

Through the end of the year we'll be reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today we highlight unusual calls fielded by local 911 dispatchers.


Someone reported a man was driving on I-26, "with a blindfold over his eyes."

A Big Stone Gap woman claimed her brother had locked himself out of his home, then attempted to make entry by crawling through a window. But he got stuck, according to the caller, and needs the fire department to come free him.

Police were advised of a man who allegedly keeps calling his mother, claiming his pastor "is the Antichrist."


A man calling 911 from Coeburn repeatedly referred to dispatchers as "Mamaw." When asked what his emergency was he relayed, "we're just sitting here" — then asked "Mamaw" if she had eaten today. Police responded to his location to find him on a lawn and intoxicated, wearing only his underwear.

A Kingsport 911 caller was upset that police allegedly didn't stop a driver reported as being drunk. He further advised that if anything happened to the driver, such as a wreck, he would, "get an attorney and sue the city."

A caller to Wise County central dispatch wanted to speak to the Sheriff about, "the secret planes that Obama had in the air that were watching our every move." When told the Sheriff wasn't available, but an officer could call him back, the man declined. He said he'd just, "call back tomorrow."


A man in Pound wanted to check the validity of a call he had received. He said he was told that a motor vehicle transporting zoo animals had wrecked — letting loose a Bengal tiger in the area. He thought the tale was likely a hoax, with dispatch confirming they had received no such reports.

A Memorial Boulevard resident advised someone was trying to kill him, with police responding to determine his claim was unfounded. He then called 911 six additional times within an hour, allegedly threatening and cursing dispatchers. Police then revisited his home and arrested him for abuse of 911.

A caller from Wise said she "needed" to speak with the sheriff. When told he was not available but a deputy could call her back, she that would be OK. She then went on to explain that a young couple owe her $65 — which she wants right now, as she's out of cigarettes.

A caller from Big Stone Gap alerted dispatchers to a man "riding a rolling office chair" down 4th Avenue, fearing he may get hit by a car if he, "doesn't get out of the middle of the road."

A Fort Henry Drive resident claimed their home had been burglarized, with just one item stolen: toilet paper from a bathroom.

A female in Appalachia said she "feels stupid calling" 911, but has a ring stuck on her finger. She reportedly used dish washing liquid, cooking oil and ice to try and remove it, but nothing was working.

Dispatch received a 911 hang up call. When they called the line back a female denied dialing dispatch, offering that her dog, "must have been playing with the phone."


An I-81 motorist dialed 911 after being pulled over by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. He said he wasn't getting out of the car because the Trooper wasn't "treating" him right, and he had called dispatch to, "exercise his rights." He then backtracked, slightly, by saying he just doesn't like the police, and is therefore making comments he really doesn't mean.

A Big Stone Gap caller advised two juveniles were having "sexy time" under her waterbed. She said she tried to chase them off with a stick, but it's not working.

Dispatch was alerted to a pair of suspicious males in Bluff City, driving a vehicle with out-of-state tags. They were allegedly going door to door and asking, "How many teenage girls live in the house?"

A Bloomingdale area resident requested that police periodically check for speeders along his road. He then advised, "the next time they come flying through, they will have a ball bat through the windshield."

A woman told dispatch that even though "officers have already told him to be quiet," her husband just "won't shut up."


A Kingsport woman claimed to have been hurt when "someone" entered her home the night before. She refused medical attention from central dispatch, but named a suspect in the incident as, "possibly the devil."

A female advised that the clerk of a Wise County motel had called the law, and now she can't find her "old man." She wanted police to locate both him "and his wallet" — describing herself as "flat broke" and cold. Outside barefooted is where she'd be, she told dispatch, and wearing her "Daisy Dukes."

A woman told dispatch that she was "rattled and tore up" after seeing a UFO near the border of Wise County and Kentucky. She said she realizes people think she's crazy, but she still would like to make a report. She described the silver object as flashing "on and off" as it traveled approximately 200 yards "in front of a jet." The woman theorized the sighting may be weather related, citing the recent flooding in Kingsport. A similar object was spotted over a Kentucky town last fall, according to the caller, just prior to a snow storm.

A man — who a dispatcher notes was possibly intoxicated — called 911 to say his wife is bigger than him, and will beat him up.


An Appalachia woman told dispatchers that a female had stolen her lips and several other "body parts." She wanted an officer to speak with the suspect, hoping to at least recover her swiped belly button.


Someone called police about a suspicious man on a Bristol street. The suspect, who the caller didn't know, said he was waiting on $1,500 — his payment to "burn a house down."

A caller alerted dispatch to "an animal" inside a blue bag, which was hanging from a clothesline. Officers responded and checked the bag in question, finding it contained only women's underwear.

A man pumping gas at a convenience store called police on "a loud mouth guy" with a mullet, saying he was giving him, "a hard time."

The clerk of a Kingsport package store reported a customer — who was intoxicated and had his fly open — became belligerent after they refused to sell him alcohol.

A Bristol resident claimed their neighbors had asked for a favor: make some meth and sell pills.


A woman reported a prowler at her home off Center Street. She said he keeps walking to her residence and "urinating in a cup at her window."

Over a three day period a man placed "numerous" calls to 911. He had no emergencies, prompting police to visit his home and issue a warning. He later made four separate calls to the central dispatch non-emergency number, inviting one of the officers, "to a shoot out as well as a cook out," at a local gun club. Twelve minutes later the man called to extend his invitation again — this time dialing 911. Police responded to his residence for the second time that day, leaving with him in custody for abuse of emergency services.

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