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2013 filled with 'cool' finds at Gray Fossil Site

December 26th, 2013 11:06 pm by JENNIFER SPROUSE, NET News Service

2013 filled with 'cool' finds at Gray Fossil Site

Paleontologist Dr. Steven Wallace, holding a baby tapir fossil, discussed the fossil finds this year at the Gray Fossil Site. (Ron Campbell photo)

GRAY — Loaded with little teases.

That’s how Dr. Steven Wallace describes the Gray Fossil Site in the wake of a year filled with significant discoveries.

“We have dug probably less than 2 percent of the entire site,” he said. “When you think of how big the site is, and how deep the site is, and all of these little pits that we’ve dug here and there ... we’ve dug so little, yet we’ve found so many cool things.”

Finds from the 2013 field season easily make the cut for the “cool” category, as paleontologists discovered new specimens and added them to the existing collections found in earlier digs.

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