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Best of the blotter: Family Feuds

December 26th, 2013 4:05 pm by Rain Smith

Best of the blotter: Family Feuds

Through the end of the year we'll be reviewing some of the most unique, disturbing and bizarre blotter entries of 2013. Today's topic includes poisoned food, stolen sex toys and urination on a TV.

The blotter is derived from central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.


A woman requested a welfare check for her 14-year-old daughter on Bloomingdale Road, claiming the girl's stepmother had, "threatened to put rat poison in her food." Police responded to find all was OK.

A Rogersville man, 60, claimed his 16-year-old nephew hit him in the face and kicked him "on the butt." The suspect was gone upon police arrival.


Police responded to a disturbance between father and son on River Road, learning it revolved around the son's refusal to take a shower after working graveyard shift. The argument allegedly escalated into a shoving match between the men, with the youngest agreeing to leave the residence.

A 17-year-old male reported his brother, 16, had hit him in the face with a "makeup bottle." When dispatch asked where their mother was located he said the living room — adding that she's upset he called police. A deputy responded to the residence to find everything was OK.


A man reported driving his uncle in his uncle's vehicle, because the uncle has no license, when he accidentally spilled tobacco. That prompted an argument between the pair, with the nephew then declining to transport his uncle anywhere else. The uncle then allegedly stated he was going to kick his nephew's butt and placed him in a headlock. The victim told police that he didn't want to press charges, but requested that an officer tell his uncle that he, "can't put his hands on other people."


Police responded to a report of domestic assault at a Church Hill residence. Upon arrival a woman claimed her daughter, 37, had become, "irate over a television show." The daughter then allegedly grabbed her mother by the hair and threatened to kill her, later admitting to the incident to police. She was arrested.


Police responded to a disturbance at a mobile home on Stanley Valley Road. A female resident, 54, stated she and her 24-year-old son had been arguing "over politics" — prompting him to attempt urinating on the TV. The mother told police she hit her son in the back to make him stop, but he retreated to another room to urinate on the floor. The man told police that "everything" his mother told them "is a lie" — but admitted to hitting her after she had scratched him. Due to injuries sustained to mother and son, both were arrested and charged with domestic assault. The officer notes both had a strong odor of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech, while a liquid "believed to be urine" was found on the TV.


A warrant for domestic assault was issued for a Rogersville woman. The victim claimed she was leaving her home when the suspect, who is also her cousin, grabbed her by the hair and began "throwing her around." While being attacked the victim fell, bringing her cousin — described as a "heavy girl" — tumbling down on top of her. It was then that the alleged victim heard her back "snap." Several neighbors came out of their homes during the fight, and provided police with statements consistent with the victim's. Three days later the suspect was located and arrested. She told police the incident was fueled by threats via Facebook, posted by the alleged victim and the victim's grandmother.

Police responded to a disturbance off Carters Valley Road, finding a man leaning against a car and "covered in mud." Through slurred speech he explained that he had been in an altercation with his brother. When his brother was interviewed, he said the suspect was intoxicated and "getting dangerous with the fireworks" — particularly near young children who were present. When asked to stop the reckless behavior he refused, so his brother physically restrained him "until he settled down." The suspect was arrested for public intoxication.


A city woman called police during an argument with her husband. She was angry that he had let their child breast feed off her sister.

Police were dispatched to a fight on Broyles Lane. The victim said she had been drinking and smoking pot with a neighbor, who became enraged when told her son had been stealing things. In the ensuing brawl the mother picked up a hammer off the front porch, using it to hit her son's accuser in the head. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

A Rogersville woman reported that her husband had been arrested. During incarceration his mother allegedly entered their residence and stole $4,000 in property — including food, sex toys and adult movies.


A Big Stone Gap woman called police, wanting them to remove her adult son because he's "sleeping with" two women in her home. Officers responded to find the complainant's son was visiting from out of town, was accompanied by, "his wife and daughter." No action was taken.


Dispatch was alerted to a female attempting to fight "her pregnant sister" on Clinchfield Street. 

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