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RMS eighth-graders celebrate ACT Explorer test scores

December 25th, 2013 9:43 pm by Jeff Bobo

RMS eighth-graders celebrate ACT Explorer test scores

RMS eighth-graders who had perfect scores in the ACT Explorer test included: (left to right) Lauren Seals, Noah Woolridge, Mason McDougal and Logan Mitchell. Photo courtesy of RMS Assistant Principal Greg Simpson.

ROGERSVILLE — Perennially among the lowest scoring schools in Hawkins County, Rogersville Middle School is turning that trend upside down, and recently celebrated an ACT Explorer composite score above the national average.

RMS eighth-graders took the ACT Explorer test in October, which helps identify areas of strength and weakness as students prepare to begin their high school careers. It’s also a pre-test to the ACT tests students take in 11th and 12th grade as they prepare to apply for college.

RMS eighth-graders earned an overall composite score of 15.7, two-tenths higher than the national composite average of 15.5.

Friday morning RMS Principal Jim Ailshie and his faculty held an assembly to recognize the eighth-graders for this year’s successes, as well as to encourage the lower grades to work toward continuing the recent trend of improvement.

This year RMS eighth-graders surpassed their previous ACT Explorer scores from each of the past two years, not only in the overall composite score, but also in each of the four individual subjects — English, math, reading and science.

“(In Friday’s assembly) we shared the results with the entire eighth-grade class, and we recognized them and thanked them for their tremendous accomplishments,” Ailshie told the Times-News Sunday. “We also recognized students who had a perfect score in one or more of the different subject areas. We had three students who had a perfect score in one subject area, and one student, Mason McDougal, who had a perfect score in three different subject areas.” 

RMS eighth-graders who had perfect scores on the ACT Explorer test included Lauren Seals in Reading; Noah Woolridge in English; Logan Mitchell in Reading; and McDougal in English, Math, and Science.

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