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Knife pulled in spanking dispute

December 24th, 2013 1:06 pm by Rain Smith

Knife pulled in spanking dispute

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 19

Copper was stolen from a Verizon cell phone tower on Sells Road.

Dispatch was alerted to a reckless, handicap tagged Volkswagen on Interstate 81, traveling at 100 mph and weaving through traffic.

A customer at a Kingsport convenience store called police after observing a female "cussing out the clerk."

A woman told dispatch that she was arguing with her boyfriend earlier in the day and now "wants to know what to do."

Dec. 21

A Kingsport resident reported that for the last 15 minutes someone has been "knocking softly on the front door."

Police were alerted to a disturbance in a Blountville parking lot, where a man was allegedly "kicking and smacking a horse in the face."

A welfare check was requested for a Bluff City man, who had left his garage door open and "cookies on his car." Police responded to find he was OK and had only been sleeping.

Dec. 22

A Kingsport woman called police on her neighbor after she accused the caller's husband of being "a child molester." She said the neighbor also allegedly places her trash in the caller's trash can and lets her dogs run loose.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 20

A Mooresburg woman reported a burglary and vandalism at her residence. Two chairs were stolen, along with her window blinds and curtains.

Dec. 21

A Rogersville woman said she is being threatened by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. The other woman had allegedly sent texts to the man: "That (expletive) has it coming."

Police responded to a residence on Carters Valley Road, where a woman had reportedly been screaming for help. She told a deputy that her 8-year-old grandson had scratched her on the chest, and when she attempted to whip the child her husband intervened. An argument ensued about how to discipline the boy, according to the woman, with her husband at one point holding a knife to her neck.  He left prior to police arrival, and she reported that she wasn't in any fear. A primary aggressor could not be determined, and no action was taken.

Dec. 22

A Rogersville man reportedly attacked his live-in girlfriend during an argument, striking her numerous times in the face and eye. He then told her that if she sought medical attention she "better tell them you had a seizure and fell into a table." Police observed injuries consistent with the victim's statements and arrested the man for domestic assault.

Shortly after midnight, a deputy observed a vehicle traveling on Highway 66 without properly working headlights. When a stop was attempted the driver fled, running behind homes and into the woods. He was later found "hiding" behind a Rogersville business, saying he ran due to driving on a suspended license. He was arrested and additionally charged with evading arrest.

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