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Kingsport sending extra trucks to pick up trash left over from Christmas

December 23rd, 2013 9:18 pm by Matthew Lane

Kingsport sending extra trucks to pick up trash left over from Christmas

KINGSPORT — Kingsport’s Streets and Sanitation Department is sticking with tradition this year by helping families out a little with the post Christmas cleanup.

 As in years past, the department will be sending out additional trucks along with the garbage trucks to pick up any extra Christmas waste this year, said Ronnie Hammonds, Streets and Sanitation manager. The extra trucks will begin collecting material the day after Christmas and will continue through next week.

 Residents can put out large boxes or bags of wrapping paper and bows for collection, but the best bet would be to use the new 96-gallon recycling carts. Hammonds said any type of cardboard and paper (wrapping or otherwise) can go in these new recycling carts, which would make it easier on the collection crews and alleviate the number of extra pickups for the department.

 “If they do have extra material that won’t fit in the cans, they need to set it about five feet away from the carts to allow the automated truck to pick up their material,” Hammonds said. No liquids or hazardous materials should be included in the material.

 All garbage, trash and recycling routes ran on a regular schedule Monday and Tuesday, but due to the Christmas holiday, Wednesday’s collections will take place Thursday, Thursday’s will be collected on Friday and Friday’s will be collected on Saturday.

 Hammonds said there will be no change to the collection routes next week, regardless of the New Year’s holiday.

 And in case you still have leaves to rake up, the department will be collecting them through the middle of January, said Lewis Bausell, landscape superintendent for the city of Kingsport.

 “Crews have been through all areas of city at least three times and by end of the week, we’ll have gone through four times,” Bausell said. 

“We’ll have at least one more sweep, if not two.”

A few weeks ago, city crews collected 442 tons of leaves during a one-week period (a new record) while year to date the department has collected just over 2,100 tons of leaves (another new record), according to Bausell.

 “We had a lot of rain in the spring and the trees put on a lot growth. Plus, we’ve had a lot of rain during leaf collection time, so wet leaves weigh more than dry leaves,” Bausell said.

 For leaf collection service, Kingsport uses three automated trucks, two pull-behinds and one compactor truck. Due to the heavy workload, the turnaround for leaf collection was as long as four weeks, but now the turnaround is close to two weeks, Hammonds said.

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