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Man pesters clerk for sex, tries to kiss cop

December 20th, 2013 12:19 pm by Rain Smith

Man pesters clerk for sex, tries to kiss cop

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 17

Deputies visited a Mount Carmel home to serve a warrant. The suspect briefly opened the back door, then turned around and ran back into the residence. He was located and apprehended "in a dark room on top of an armoire."

Dec. 18

A Church Hill woman reported being the recipient of several unwanted texts from an unknown man.  The messages, which included foul language and obscene photos, claimed they had "sexual relations with each other on her last vacation." The phone number was traced to another location in Tennessee, but police were unable to contact the sender.

A Shop-Vac, paint, brooms and mops were stolen out of a county church. An individual reporting the incident added that the church is typically left unlocked.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 16

A Blountville resident requested extra police patrols due to a school bus traveling recklessly through the area.

Dec. 18

A Blountville woman reported going to her estranged husband's home, taking him flour to make breakfast. She claimed that he then began videotaping her with his cell phone, and when she attempted to take it away he slammed her against a wall. Her husband told police that he had videoed her to "show how she acts" when asking that he give her pain medication. Police watched the man's video, along with observing scratches to his arms, while the woman had no injuries. She was arrested for domestic assault.

Police stopped to speak with a man walking down a Kingsport street with a bloody nose. He said another man had accused him of "sleeping with his girlfriend" — then punched him in the face. The victim refused medical treatment and declined to pursue charges.

A caller reported an unruly 8-year-old student at Bluff City Elementary who had assaulted someone in the cafeteria. He was released to the care of his parents.

Kingsport Police Department

Dec. 17

A man was cited for failure to yield as police investigated a crash on Fort Henry Drive. When he began to "talk over" the officer, it was explained that he could contest the charge in court. He refused to calm down, continued arguing and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Dec. 18

Police were alerted to a possibly intoxicated driver on West Stone Drive. A caller said they witnessed the woman and another female occupant mixing vodka into a 2-liter bottle of soda. Three small children were also in their vehicle.

The clerk at a West Stone Drive motel reported harassment from a guest. The man had called the front desk and asked that she "come to his room for sex" — adding that he'd pay her for the services. When she declined, he continued to call the desk, but now angrily cursing, prompting her to request that police kick him out of his room. The man refused to unlock his door for responding officers, with the clerk giving them permission to kick in his door. Police found the suspect to be unsteady on his feet with an odor of alcohol — and during a search attempted to "kiss or bite" a male officer. The officer then struck the man once in the face with an open hand. He was arrested for public intoxication, harassment, trespassing and simple assault on police. Due to officers having to knock down the motel room's door, he was additionally charged with vandalism under $500.

Dec. 20

A patient at Holston Valley Medical Center reported being assaulted at a city bar. He said that while dancing with a woman, another man — described as 6 feet 2 and 260 pounds — cut in to separate the pair, claiming the female was his girlfriend. Bouncers quelled the ensuing scuffle, but the alleged boyfriend followed the victim outside and pulled a box cutter, cutting the other man across the face. The victim provided the suspect's first name to police, but due to being "highly intoxicated" could not remember his last. He thought he'd be able to remember it in the morning.

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