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Roadside fight erupts after houseguests refuse to shoplift

December 18th, 2013 12:58 pm by Rain Smith

Roadside fight erupts after houseguests refuse to shoplift

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 16

An assault report was taken in the emergency room of Indian Path Medical Center, where a man was receiving six stitches and five staples for a laceration to his head. He said the injury was incurred when he heard a knock at his door, opening to find his son "in a rage." He claimed his son displayed a pistol and hit him in the head with a wrench, with the two then wrestling each other out into the yard. During the fight his son's pistol accidentally fired, at which point the men separated.  The suspect allegedly threatened to shoot his father, then departed by walking away up the street. He was not immediately located by police.

A woman on Bristol Caverns Highway claimed to have spotted two unknown men around her residence, and went outside to confront them. After she pulled off a hunting mask from the face of one man, they allegedly responded by displaying  a pistol and threatening to shoot. Another individual reportedly observed the incident, but a responding officer couldn't locate any suspects in the area.

Police were called to a cosmetology class in Sullivan South High School, where a male student who wasn't enrolled in the course refused to leave the room. An officer observed him "slumped over in his chair and texting on his phone" while also emitting an odor of alcohol. Once escorted to the office by police the student "tried to leave the school" and "started cussing." He was detained with handcuffs, with the officer noting he'd file a juvenile petition for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Dec. 17

A Kingsport woman told police that her sister and sister's boyfriend, who had recently been released from prison, "rushed the door" to her residence. The victim said that once inside her sister proceeded to hit her in the face, push her down and pull her hair. Before departing, the male suspect allegedly threatened that he would return if the law was called, and the resident "wouldn't like what would happen."

Dec. 18

A Bristol man reported that his son had visited his home "high on drugs." When he told his son to leave, the man refused, so the resident "threw him out." They both fell on the porch during the ensuing altercation, with the suspect "throwing a chain saw" at his father. He then ran away before police arrived. Once officers spoke with the victim and left the home, his son returned. Police were called again, and an officer returned, finding the suspect inside a camper on the property. He was arrested for domestic assault.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 12

A Mooresburg man reported being assaulted by his live-in-girlfriend, who woke him up and then hit him "with a scarf." He also said she had pointed a loaded handgun at him three weeks ago, but he has since locked all his weapons in a safe. He was referred to the clerk's office to obtain an order of protection and made aware of how to pursue the eviction process against the woman.

A man claimed to have been assaulted by three other individuals in Surgoinsville. He said they hit him in the head with a stick, then stomped and spit on him as he was on the ground. He didn't wish to pursue any charges against the trio — only wanted them to return a hat and cell phone stolen during the attack.

Dec. 14

After "drinking liquor all day," a Rogersville man punched a hole in his mother's living room wall, grabbed a phone out of her hand, and threw her onto a couch. He later returned to the home and was arrested, with police noting the victim's home security system had recorded the incident on video.  Officers also spoke with a neighbor, who said the suspect had knocked on their window requesting a ride. When refused he punched the window, breaking it, leading to an additional charge of vandalism.

Dec. 15

A Johnson City woman told police that she and her boyfriend had been staying with a pair of friends in Rogersville. During a trip to Walmart the residents allegedly stated that the couple "was going to have to steal some items to pay for their stay," to which the houseguests refused and walked out of the store. The couple's "friends" soon pulled their van up beside the pair as they walked along Highway 66. Their female acquaintance allegedly exited the vehicle, punched the reportee in the face, then spit in the face of both her former guests. The victims were advised of how to pursue private prosecution.

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