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Couponing 101: Mobile Couponing

December 18th, 2013 9:43 am by Amanda Arnold-Drinnon

Couponing 101:  Mobile Couponing

Couponing has gone high tech with the use of Smartphones. 

Couponers can use a Smartphone to add digital coupons to loyalty cards, register for savings at Savingstar, and have paperless coupons sent straight to the phone. 

Target, Family Dollar, and Walgreens are a few stores that will send coupons to a Smartphone. There are two ways to sign up for mobile coupons. 

1.  Text a code to a designated number

2.  Register at the store’s web site Simply visit a store’s web site to see if they have mobile coupons available. 

Another method to “stack” discounts (use more than one coupon, incentive, or cash back deal per item) is by using mobile apps. These usually stack with manufacturer coupons to give greater discounts. Ibotta is a free mobile application that can be downloaded to a Smartphone or tablet. 

To use Ibotta: 

1.  Go to the web site 

2.  Dowload the App 

3.  Select Offers 

•  When you open Ibotta, select a store. Then, you’ll see “Ibotta Offers” in the “Product Gallery”. Choose a product and complete one or more of the tasks for that product. When you purchase the product, you will earn the designated amount in your account. 

•  Just like coupons, Ibotta offers have expiration dates. 

4.  Shop 

•  Currently, the following stores in our area are participating: 

Babies R Us

Best Buy 

Burger King 


CVS Pharmacy 

Dollar General 

Dunkin' Donuts 

Family Dollar 

Food Lion 

Home Depot 





Sam's Club 


Toys R Us 



 5.  Verify purchases- Ibotta will verify your purchases and deposit cash in an account within 24 hours. Depending on the store, there are two ways to verify purchases: 

-If the store selected shows “Redeem” in the “Product Gallery”, take a picture of your receipt and follow the instructions. 

-If the store is an Ibotta “Preferred Partner”, choose “Link Account” and register your loyalty card or phone number. At checkout, use your loyalty card or phone number, and the savings will be automatically transferred. 

6.  Earn cash- Once an account has at least five dollars, the money can be transferred directly to PayPal or you can receive the savings in the form of a gift card. 

Shopkick is another mobile app that uses your phone’s GPS to determine your shopping location. It loads coupons on your phone when you walk into the store. You can also earn rewards and gift cards by accumulating points for completing tasks on the app or in-store. Here’s how it works: 

1.  Register at 

2.  When you walk into a store, Shopkick will load the available coupons. 

3.  Select the coupons you want to use (you can also select your coupons within twelve hours prior to use), and Shopkick will develop a barcode on your phone that you will show the cashier at checkout. 

Can you still coupon without these? Absolutely! 

Remember, it’s not all or nothing. Find what works for you and your schedule. Any savings are better than none.

 Next week, we will look at sale cycles and stock up prices. 

Please send all questions, comments, and/or tips to I look forward to hearing from you!

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