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New blog will focus on vintage items, decorating

December 16th, 2013 7:38 pm by Nick Shepherd

New blog will focus on  vintage items, decorating

Blogger Melissa Baskette shares her passion for decorating with vintage items. Photo by Ned Jilton II.

Most people have a passion for something and oftentimes they want to share that passion with the world. 

 Melissa Baskette has a passion for finding and collecting vintage items and then using those items for decorating. 

“I have loved vintage things since I got out of high school at 18,” she said. “I moved to Kingsport for a job;  I’m from Gate City. I love antique shops downtown. It was just my passion, looking for old things.”

Baskette saw an article in the Kingsport Times-News about a new blog,  and the article asked people who would like to write a blog for the Times-News website to contact Managing Editor Ted Como. Baskette already had a blog about vintage items and thought there might be  interest in Kingsport. 

So she reached out to Como and will now have a blog at about finding vintage items and how to decorate with them. The name of the blog, which begins Tuesday,  will be ‘Vintage Junkie’ and it will post bi-weekly.  

Baskette likes going to yard sales and flea markets searching for vintage items. One of her favorite finds is a hand-carved table. The table was painted bright neon blue and had cigarette burns all over it. 

When she bought the table, she took it to someone who took the paint off and sanded out the cigarette burns. She then had it painted and added gilded paint  to accent it. She then added a glass top to finish it off. 

“That’s my favorite piece. I would never part with it,” she said. “It’s in my house. I love the piece. I got it for nearly nothing and now it’s probably a $300 table.”

One of her favorite things to do is find an old item, fix it up and sell it. She bought a mirror for $2, painted it and took some of the silver off the back, which makes it look older. 

Once she found a piece of pottery for $2 at a flea market and ended up selling it for $200.

Baskette said she thinks some people are born with the ability to find items that most others overlook, but she also has studied her craft.

 When she graduated, she didn’t know a whole lot about vintage items. But over several years, she began to understand what certain items were. She said  frequently visiting antique stores is  one of the ways she has expanded her knowledge.

Baskette is excited to be able to share her passion and knowledge with Times-News readers. 

“I’m blessed to be able to do something I love,” she said. “Now with all the technology and you’re able to have blogs and things now. There’s so many ways you can get it out there and so many ways where you can collect information yourself. ... It’s wonderful to be able to do what you love to do.”

Como said any others interested in doing a blog for should contact him.

 “We offer bloggers a huge audience and the opportunity to interact with it in pursuing their interests,” he said. “We want to provide members of the user community who have a passion for writing the ability to share their knowledge in any of these content areas with others in the community through contributed blogs. Those interested may contact me at” 

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