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Man shoots neighbor while firing at raccoon

December 16th, 2013 2:37 pm by Rain Smith

Man shoots neighbor while firing at raccoon

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Dec. 12

A Burwind Court resident complained of phone harassment. When police arrived she was found "extremely agitated" in an apartment complex parking lot "yelling about an unknown issue she was having with one of her family members who was not on scene." The woman refused to lower her voice, according to an officer, and caused a disturbance among neighbors with her "foul language." When warned that she could be arrested for disorderly conduct she said, "Go ahead and (expletive) arrest me." While being taken into custody she resisted, refusing to let go of a clothing basket and kicking at police. She was eventually restrained and transported to the city jail.

Dec. 13

Dispatch was alerted to a road rage incident in the parking lot of Kingsport Pavilion. One motorist claimed another driver had cut them off, then cursed and threatened them.

Dec. 15

Shortly before 5 a.m. police were called to a home on Bays View Court. A resident arrived to find a woman passed out in a car, so she and another individual carried the female inside her home and dialed 911. When EMS arrived, the woman "jumped up and told them she was faking it all." She reportedly had an odor of alcohol and spoke with slurred speech, with police noting she "would not listen or follow directions." She was arrested "for her safety" and charged with public intoxication.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 12

A Piney Flats woman reported a suspicious visitor to her home. She said he exited a vehicle while filming video on his cell phone, then asked "some strange questions and left."

Dispatch was alerted to a fight on Deck Valley Road, spurred when a man accused his 16-year-old neighbor of stealing his Xbox.

Dec. 13

A man was on the phone with dispatch while driving in Bluff City, saying he was following another motorist. He claimed the driver of the other vehicle had thrown a bottle out of the vehicle's window on Volunteer Parkway, striking his car.

Dec. 14

A Dry Branch Road resident was outside her garage when she heard a "loud screeching noise" that she recognized to be a raccoon. When she saw a flashlight on the hillside she assumed her neighbor was "shooting raccoons again" — then heard a shot and felt a "sting on her leg." Though her skin wasn't broken and she was not injured, a "small bullet" was found lying on the ground beside her foot. She said she then confronted the neighbor with "a few choice words," to which he responded, "What can I tell you, I was just shooting a coon." Police determined the bullet that struck the woman had likely ricocheted off a tree, while her neighbor had no intent of shooting her. The victim also conceded that it was an accident with no criminal attempt, so police took no action.

Dec. 15

Two gas cans were reported stolen from the basement of a Kingsport home.

A man told dispatch that his ex-girlfriend had forced her way into the home of his current, pregnant girlfriend, and was attacking her.

A suspicious vehicle was reported in the parking lot of a Blountville fast food restaurant. It had been sitting there several hours, while a man inside was reportedly "playing his music too loud." A deputy responded to speak with the suspect, who claimed to be waiting for his girlfriend to get off work at an adjacent gas station. Subsequent questioning of the female revealed the man was her ex-boyfriend, whom she had repeatedly told to leave her alone. He was arrested for stalking and driving without a license.

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