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Man pulls gun during child visitation

December 12th, 2013 2:36 pm by Rain Smith

Man pulls gun during child visitation

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 8

Police were alerted to a pickup truck performing doughnuts in a field off Devils Nose Road. The driver was located by police and claimed to have lost control and exited the roadway, accidentally going into the field. The property owner was contacted and reported knowing the driver, saying they'd speak to him about the damages. A police report says those included "several circle marks and ruts."

A bedridden Church Hill woman called her daughter, telling her that she heard her husband fall.When the daughter arrived at their residence she found her father — who had been "drinking alcohol all day" — at the bottom of the basement steps and was unresponsive. EMS responded to transport him to the hospital, while a police report notes it was the second time the man had fallen that day.

Dec. 11

On Highway 11W police observed a car, "traveling too close to a semi-trailer in an unsafe manner." The car was stopped, with the driver's license found to be suspended. He also had no proof of insurance, was arrested and transported to jail.

Dec. 12

A Rogersville man reported his mailbox had been vandalized. He said that when he pulled out his mail he found someone had placed a Jagermeister bottle inside, spilling "some type of liquid." He claimed the fluid dripped onto his coat, leaving a stain, and caused a burning sensation when it touched his skin. The victim named a suspect who reportedly walks the area, saying he's "had problems" with him in the past.

Kingsport Police Department

Dec. 10

A city-issued trash can was reported stolen from a residence off Bloomingdale Pike.

On Sherwood Drive a man — who police note was intoxicated — claimed to have had a gun pointed at him. He said the suspects had driven by in a car and pointed the weapon out of the window, stating, "I know who you are white boy."

Dec. 11

A patrol officer spoke with a suspicious, "nervous" man walking away from a vehicle along Fort Henry Drive. When the officer asked how he was doing he replied "good" — then attempted to discreetly thrown a baggie beneath a car. It was found to contain .765 ounces of marijuana, while scales were subsequently located in his pocket. He was arrested.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 9

A deputy was traveling Bristol Caverns Highway when a man along the side of the road "held his arms out" and stepped in front of the patrol car. The officer reports having to swerve to avoid striking the man, as did other motorists. An interview found the individual had a strong odor of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet, prompting his arrested for public intoxication.

Dispatch was alerted to a suspicious woman driving through a Kingsport neighborhood, telling people she was a "mortgage inspector."

A Kingsport woman told police that her ex-husband has been violent and vandalized her property. A deputy spoke with the man and told him he'd be arrested for trespassing if her returned to the woman's home. The officer then parked nearby and waited 30 minutes, at which time the man was spotted returning to the residence. He was arrested.

Dec. 10

A motorist alerted dispatch that a reckless Acura on Highway 19E, with the driver, "trying to race and harass everyone he passes."

Dec. 11

Police were called to a residence on Highway 421, where a man allegedly pointed a gun at a woman's face and pulled the trigger. Witnesses reported that it was wasn't loaded when the incident occurred, with the suspect telling police there was no firearm in the home. It was soon found on the dinning room floor, the suspect was arrested for aggravated assault.

A Kingsport man was arrested on numerous charges at his estranged wife's home, where he had arrived under the pretense of a visit with his children. He instead held a gun to her head and asked, "Are you ready to end this?" When she punched him in the stomach he conceded, "I guess you're not," then placed the pistol in his pocket. Police arrived to find him sitting outside with the gun beside him, he was arrested without incident.

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