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Barter holiday musical a battle between cynicism and belief

December 12th, 2013 10:24 am by Entertainment Staff

Barter holiday musical a battle between cynicism and belief

It’s the night before Christmas and there’s a burglar in the house — or is it someone more familiar, someone with a twinkling eye, perhaps?

A cynical social worker gets her humbug attitude turned upside down in Barter Theatre’s latest production, “Another Night Before Christmas,” playing through Dec. 22 at Barter Stage II in Abingdon, Va.

Hannah Ingram and Rick McVey star in this two-person musical comedy, directed by Eugene Wolf. Ingram and McVey are joined on stage by musical director and pianist Lee Harris.

Karol (Ingram) is trudging home one cold December night when she encounters an old man (McVey) sitting on a park bench. Mistaking him for homeless, Karol offers the stranger some food — a seemingly innocent gesture, until he turns up in her apartment claiming to be Santa Claus.

Thanks to a malfunctioning security system, Karol finds herself trapped with “Mr. Claus” and forced to confront her feelings about Christmas once and for all in this touching musical battle between cynicism and belief.

“If you choose to close your heart to one person, you might as well close it to everybody,” Wolf said. “This is one of the beauties of this season for me — the way these stories and songs dig in our memories and re-ignite the passions we have accumulated over the years. The prism of Christmas shines a new and different light on the things we look at and deal with every other day of the year.”

“Another Night Before Christmas” is sponsored by CenturyLink, Universal Fibers, Richlands News Press and National Outdoor. Barter Theatre is funded in part by the Virginia Commission for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Tickets are $33, $35 and $39.

For tickets or more information, call Barter’s box office at (276) 628-3991 or visit

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