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Preliminary report: Hypothermia cause of death of Volunteer senior

December 4th, 2013 7:21 pm by Jeff Bobo

Preliminary report: Hypothermia cause of death of Volunteer senior

ROGERSVILLE — The cause of death for a Volunteer High School senior found deceased outside a Church Hill mobile home last week is believed to be hypothermia, based on the results of a preliminary autopsy report.

Alcohol also is suspected to have played a role in the death of Jimmy Turner-Cradic, 18, who resided in the Burlington Road mobile home park where his body was discovered Nov. 27. The home where his body was discovered was not his residence.

CHPD Chief Mark Johnson said Wednesday that foul play is not suspected, though it hasn’t been completely ruled out.

Additional toxicology testing is being done, and the only avenue that would indicate foul play would be if a poison were found in Cradic’s system, Johnson said.

There’s no reason to believe that’s the case at this time, he added.

Since Cradic’s death, incorrect information about the investigation has made its way onto the Internet.

“Since his death, rumors have ran rampant, especially on various social media sites,” Johnson said. “(It’s) just a bunch of ignorant social media chatter from people who know nothing about the case, or who are cruel, or both.

“Some of the information being circulated has (created) the potential of people possibly committing criminal acts based on completely false information circulated on those sites,” he added. “I have explained this to the forensic pathologist office and they have been gracious enough to provide me with some preliminary findings.” 

Those preliminary findings include: 

• Cradic had no life-threatening external or internal injuries. He was not beaten to death.

• Cradic was intoxicated at the time of death.

• Cradic’s death is being investigated as a “suspicion of hypothermia” death.

The conclusion of the investigation is pending the outcome of the additional toxicology testing and final review.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating the source of the alcohol Cradic consumed prior to his death, which is suspected to have taken place outside the city limits. The HCSO told the Times-News earlier this week that Cradic was drinking with some other underage individuals prior to his death.

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