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'Coupon Diva' helps Times-News readers save money

November 26th, 2013 10:00 pm by Nick Shepherd

'Coupon Diva' helps Times-News readers save money

Amanda Arnold-Drinnon

In the past few years, hard economic times have people searching for different ways to save money.

Some people try to cut down on expenses while others may pick up extra hours at work. One thing many people could be doing to save money is couponing.

Newspapers around the country come out with coupons every week, but some people have trouble navigating how to really use coupons to get the biggest benefit.

Seeing this need spurred the Kingsport Times-News into action so starting today, a new blog will be appearing at called Coupon Diva.

The blog will be written by Amanda Arnold-Drinnon, an English teacher at Dobyns-Bennett High School. She is married and has two children.

“We're delighted that Amanda is sharing her extensive experience in couponing with users,” said Ted Como, Times-News managing editor.  “And we would like to hear from others who might be interested in contributing their expertise in such areas as cooking, collectibles, outdoor activities, travel, sewing, home decorating, music, the environment, science and technology, or any hobby or specialized content area.”

Arnold-Drinnon began couponing about three years ago.

“I first became curious about couponing when I saw how much money people were saving,” Arnold-Drinnon said. “I thought, ‘Who doesn’t like to save money.’ I saw those great things where people were getting tons and tons of groceries for like $8. I quickly found out that doesn’t happen but you can still save money.”

Arnold-Drinnon said when she first started, she had no idea what she was doing and quit within two weeks.

Then she started following a couple of couponing blogs. After reading, she found out a couple of the best ways to use coupons. She also realized that while she won’t be paying $8 for groceries, she can realistically save between 30 and 40 percent.

One of the techniques she uses, which she will better explain in the blog, is matching up the coupons with the sales cycles.

“Your best savings come when you match your coupons with the sales cycle,” she said. “Sales cycles run about every six to eight weeks. So about every six to eight weeks, you are going to see the same things on sale.”

Arnold-Drinnon said it takes about six weeks to learn the system of using coupons effectively.

She said she enjoys couponing and she loves to stretch every penny. She’s also looking forward to seeing how other people are saving money.

“It actually becomes fun when you watch it and say, ‘Oh, I’m saving money but I’m still providing like I need to be,’” she said. “It can help people.”

It is simple to find the blog. Go to, click the community tab and then click blogs.

The coupon blog will be a weekly blog appearing every Wednesday on the website.

 Como said any others interested in doing a blog for should contact him.

“We offer bloggers a huge audience and the opportunity to interact with it in pursuing their interests,” he said. “We want to provide members of the user community who have a passion for writing, the ability to share their knowledge in any of these content areas with others in the community through contributed blogs. Those interested may contact me at”

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