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Police: Man exposing himself toward school didn’t have sexual motive

November 21st, 2013 3:44 pm by Jeff Bobo

Police: Man exposing himself toward school didn’t have sexual motive

Billy Earl Williams

ROGERSVILLE — Police believe a Hawkins County man accused of exposing himself in the direction of Rogersville City School on Wednesday afternoon didn’t have a sexual motive.

The incident was reported by a female witness shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Billy Earl Williams, 55, 567 Bear Hollow Road, Rogersville, was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure after RPD Officer Travis Fields allegedly found him in a parking lot on Broadway Street with his genitals exposed facing the RCS front yard.

After apparently riding there with a man who was visiting the office building, Williams was left alone in a white Ford van in the parking lot and at some point decided he needed to urinate.

“We had a female call in who was concerned because there was a white van there (across from the school), and a man was standing there exposing himself,” Fields said. “When I got there the passenger side door was open, and his feet were on the pavement, and his pants were unbuttoned and his privates were exposed. He was so drunk, I think he was just going to pee and couldn’t get his pants back up.”

Apparently he tried to urinate into an empty whiskey bottle. When Fields arrived, the bottle was on the pavement in a puddle of urine, and Williams reportedly also had urinated all over himself.

“I don’t think he had any intentions to expose himself to a school,” Fields said. “I don’t think he knew where he was at, quite frankly. But the bad thing is, he was literally facing the school, and a lot of children utilize the front yard of the school during the day. I’ve got a kid who goes to school there, and I wouldn’t want her out here in the play yard, and some guy across the street has his pants down.”

As of Thursday, Williams remained held without bond in the Hawkins County Jail pending arraignment Monday.

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