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Coffee fuels assault with scissors

November 18th, 2013 4:31 pm by Rain Smith

Coffee fuels assault with scissors

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Nov. 15

A man and woman were reportedly in a downtown street "yelling about drugs." The caller said it, "happens everyday."

Nov. 16

A Kingsport resident called 911 after hearing noises at the side of their house, then screamed that the culprit is, "a possum!"

Nov. 17

Two women told Kingsport police that they had met another pair of females on Indian Court, wanting to discuss the alleged sale of drugs to one of their brothers. They said a verbal argument turned physical, with one of the women hitting them with a baseball bat. When the victims attempted to leave in a car, the woman with the baseball bat broke out one of their windows. Meanwhile, the suspects in that incident were simultaneously speaking with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, telling police that they had actually been the victims of an attack. They claimed the other two women showed up at a residence on Memorial Boulevard, then hit them in the head, "with a chainsaw." No charges were immediately filed by police.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Nov. 14

A Rogersville man found his vehicles covered in eggs. He named a suspect to police, saying the individual had threatened on Facebook to do the egging.
A man reported going to visit a friend, but when he arrived another individual "came out of the bushes" and attacked him.

Nov. 15

A GMC Yukon broke down along Highway 66 North, according to the owner, and was left along the side of the road. During the night someone allegedly rolled it into the roadway, broke out all the windows and stole the radio.

Police responded to a domestic dispute at a Rogersville home, where a man said his live-in girlfriend was destroying things. Inside the residence a deputy made contact with the suspect —  "who was obviously intoxicated" —  and spotted, "a big screen TV which had been pulled from the wall and busted in the floor." The woman had also tossed her boyfriend's clothes into the wood stove, where police found them burning. She was arrested for domestic vandalism.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Nov. 14

A Bloomingdale resident reported a suspicious person on her property, taking pictures of her home.

A Highway 126 motorist told dispatch that another driver was "flipping him off."

Nov. 17

A welfare check was requested on children at a Bluff City residence, with a caller claiming there were pills and porn "everywhere." An officer responded to find everything was OK.

A Piney Flats woman, 24, told police that she had been arguing with her father, "over coffee....where it was and why it was moved." The man, 62, reportedly became "irate" during the dispute, striking his daughter, "With the pointy end of a pair of scissors." Police observed a "very small mark" on the alleged victim's hand, while her father said he didn't remember much of the incident. He did, however, admit to "smacking her hand" because she, "wouldn't leave the coffee alone." He was arrested for simple assault. 

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