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Hawkins County’s state report card scores are among its best ever

November 15th, 2013 12:18 am by Jeff Bobo

Hawkins County’s state report card scores are among its best ever

ROGERSVILLE — Although its leaders know there is still room for improvement, Hawkins County Schools will be celebrating one of its best state report cards ever, scoring straight B’s in academic achievement for grades 3-8.

That’s an improvement over last year when the overall academic achievement scores included B’s in math and social studies, and C’s in reading/language arts (RLA) and science.

As for the value added category which measures academic growth, Hawkins County Schools grades 3-8 scored an A in math, and C’s in the other three subjects.

A score of “C” in value added means there was no significant academic improvement, nor was there a decrease in achievement.

Director of Schools Charlotte Britton said this year’s state report card scores indicate that Hawkins County students are continuing to improve academically.

“As these scores continue to grow, letter grades for each of these areas will improve,” she said.

Hawkins County’s state report card as a district, as well as individual schools, can be viewed online at

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