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Shoplifter Tasered after running across Stone Drive

November 14th, 2013 2:49 pm by Rain Smith

Shoplifter Tasered after running across Stone Drive

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Nov. 11

Dispatch received a call from a Kingsport residence, where a female said a man was trying to make her hit him.

Nov. 12

A woman claimed that a neighbor has her dog, and refuses to return it.

Nov. 13

Dispatch received 911 hang up calls from a Bristol home. When the resident was reached on call back she apologized, claiming to have, "accidentally dialed 911 again."

Individuals were arguing over payment for work done to a dirt bike in Blountville. During the dispute, according to one complainant, a man kicked her dog.

Kingsport Police Department

Nov. 11

A resident of Larry Neil Way said neighbors were inside their apartment, "screaming and throwing stuff." An officer responded to find no disturbance, the noises were, "a child playing a video game."

Nov. 12

A man riding his bicycle on Dale Street said a vehicle "playing loud music" drove past him, with a passenger "sticking a black handgun out the window."
Nov. 13

A Kingsport woman received a call from her bank, asking if she had written a check for $3,800. She had not, and alerted police to the incident. Investigation revealed her boyfriend had written and cashed it without her permission, with him telling detectives he had "borrowed it" for some "spending money." He was arrested for felony theft.

Two mall security officers caught a man stealing watches from Belk. Once detained he attempted to run, but outside an exit was, "wrestled to the ground in the mulch."

The manager of a West Stone Drive restaurant called police on a customer, saying the man  got "upset" during a game of trivia and "had some words" with other patrons. He left prior to an officer's arrival.  

Shortly before noon Walmart personnel caught a Kentucky woman —  who is "banned from all Walmarts across the country" — attempting to steal a tablet. The female was apprehended without incident, but her male companion attempted to leave in a pickup truck. A responding KPD officer conducted a traffic stop in the parking lot, at which point the man jumped from the cab. A report says he then ignored police commands and, "ran across all four lanes of West Stone Drive." With an officer giving chase the man was Tasered on Jennings Drive, causing him to, "immediately drop to the ground." He was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, evading arrest and driving on a suspended license. 

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