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KPD, US Marshals team up to check sex offender registry status, arrest one

November 7th, 2013 1:44 pm by Staff report

KPD, US Marshals team up to check sex offender registry status, arrest one

Kim P. Murphy

A Kingsport man was arrested for violation of the sex offender registry after officers with the Kingsport Police Department teamed up with the U.S. Marshals service to conduct sex offender compliance checks,according to a police report. 

Kim P. Murphy, 60, 2112 Hemlock Lane, was arrested and charged with violation of the sex offender registry, introduction of contraband into a penal facility and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia. 

Officers with the KPD and U.S. Marshalls service visited 27 local registered sex offenders on November 6 to verify that the offenders were registered as sex offenders. Most of the homes they visited were in compliance, the report stated. 

Once they checked Murphy's home, they found he was in violation. Sex offenders are required to report seven days either before or after their birthday and pay a $150 annual fee. Murphy had not registered or paid the fee. Murphy's date of birth is October 7. 

Murphy was arrested and taken to Kingsport jail. At the jail, he was allegedly found to be in possession of a small plastic baggie officers believed to be marijuana and a small silver pipe, according to the report.

Another sex offender was found to have moved and failed to report a change of address. The matter is being investigated, the report said. 

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