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More than a Hobby: The 5 Most Common Addictions in Sports

November 7th, 2013 10:10 am by Craig Daniel, community contributor

More than a Hobby: The 5 Most Common Addictions in Sports

Running is one of the most popular sports in the United States.

Most people view exercise as a daily chore. Its a grind that we have to go through in order to stay fit and healthy. For others, exercise can be a release or fun. These are the people who often find an enjoyable hobby and stick with it. It brings them happiness and fulfilment. However, there are others. whose hobbies and sports foster addictive behaviour. They no longer work out or play just for the love of it. Now they do it because they literally feel like they have to. Even those who aren't addicted to the activity itself may find themselves addicted to an auxiliary aspect. Here are five of the most common addictions in the sports world.

1: Runners High
Running has become the most popular pedestrian sport in the United States. There are literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of committed runners across the nation. Running is a great activity. It promotes a beautiful mix of workout and competition. However, it can come at a great cost. Athletes commonly speak of the intangible "runners high." Most likely, a rush of endorphins coming in as the body begins to settle in for a long haul. Most runners take it as a positive and go about their normal lives. Many, however, constantly seek it and run often just to try and experience it. Its the most common sports addiction relating to the average non-professional athlete.

2: Performance Enhancers
Although unethical on their own, performance enhancers can cause even more issues if they're allowed to become a mental necessity. Many of these chemical cocktails pose serious dangers to the body and trick athletes into believing that they're necessary for success. As soon as this belief creeps in, its extremely difficult to dig out.

3: Adrenaline Junkies
These people share a kinship with those seeking out a runners high, but theyre simply more extreme. The adrenaline people seek can be up to a hundred times more potent than morphine. The people facing this addiction are always looking for the next high. Although it can merely start with extreme sports like bungee jumping, it can quickly escalate into something dangerous that could cause death or serious injury like mountain climbing with no ropes or rope swinging from massive cliffs.

4: NFL Players and Painkillers
Contact sports have come under fire a lot lately for how they could potentially harm their players for life. The issue is even more morbid than most realize. For instance, the NFL has a painkiller issue. A number of athletes are getting pummelled that, in order to play, they have to keep taking pain medication. If you do play a contact sport and you are on medication for pain, make sure you are only taking as much as is prescribed by the doctor.

5: Hockey and Alcohol
This issue has become so public and pronounced that the commissioner of NHL was forced to create a policy on drinking. A number of hockey players continued to find themselves in some sort of trouble related to alcohol. DUIs and fights were common amongst players.
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