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Blountville man charged with assault, child neglect

November 4th, 2013 12:33 pm by Rain Smith

Blountville man charged with assault, child neglect

Ronald Shane Allison, 35

Police say a man who choked, cut and kicked his girlfriend in the face was later located in his Blountville home "passed out"  on the floor with an unattended, crying baby.

An arrest report at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office says Ronald Shane Allison, 35, of 929 Highway 394, is charged with aggravated assault and child abuse or neglect. Police were alerted to the alleged incident early Sunday morning, when they met with Allison's girlfriend at a parking lot on Island Road.

The woman said that both she and Allison had been drinking when an argument erupted, allegedly over Allison being "gone too long" with his cousin. When the woman's juvenile daughter attempted to intervene the altercation became physical, with Allison allegedly choking his girlfriend.

He is also accused of smacking her several times in the face, cutting her on the left elbow with a hunting knife, and kicking her in the head.

The alleged victim and her daughter left the residence, with the woman saying she also attempted to take her son, identified in the report as a "baby." But Allison allegedly wouldn't let her take the boy, threatening that she "wouldn't get out alive" if she tried.

When officers responded to Allison's Blountville home, he was found "passed out on the floor and wouldn't come to the door." The report says the baby was also present "in the floor crying."

Upon awaking, Allison allegedly admitted to drinking several beers and a pint of liquor. He was placed in a patrol car for transport to the Sullivan County jail, spotting his girlfriend in a nearby parking lot during transport.

He allegedly yelled, "I'll get you whore." When police asked if that was a threat he reportedly replied, "No, that's a promise."

The assault victim was transported to a local hospital by EMS for treatment of her injuries. Allison was released from jail after posting $10,000 bond, while police alerted the Department of Children's Services to the incident.

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