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Church Hill police allegedly find drug deal records on passed out woman

November 1st, 2013 1:32 pm by Rain Smith

Church Hill police allegedly find drug deal records on passed out woman

Brandi Gail Collins

A woman found asleep in a Church Hill parking lot has been arrested, as police say they found napkins and scraps of paper in her vehicle that detailed drug deals.

The suspect — who was charged with child endangerment in November, when found sleeping outside Walmart with her 4-year-old son — also allegedly had two prescription bottles during Thursday's arrest. Police say they had been filled the previous day, but contained only 42 of their prescribed 210 pills.

Brandi Gail Collins, of 954 Christians Bend Road, is now charged by Church Hill Police with possession of schedule II drugs with intent to deliver, possession of schedule IV drugs with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The CHPD report the incident occurred at approximately 9 p.m. outside of Food City, when they were asked to check on an unresponsive female.

They allegedly located Collins "slumped over the wheel" of a Dodge Neon. When awakened and asked what was wrong she reportedly said she had a headache, and was waiting on her mother.

Police say Collins had pen-sized pupils and was "obviously" on some type of drug. She admitted to being on medication, but claimed she hadn't taken any since 12 hours prior.

Collins allegedly consented to a search, with officers saying they located two separate "drug ledgers." One is identfied as a napkin, the other a small piece of paper.

"Listed on the paper were prices, quantities, and milligrams of drugs that were wanted," reads a release from CHPD. "Also the paper contained information on a drug deal in which $120 was owed. The defendant had $110 in her wallet. I found the same information on a Kyocera cell phone."

Police say Collins possessed a Klonopin bottle containing what is believed to be an 8 mg Subutex. Two other bottles reportedly contained 30 mg Oxycodone and .5 mg Klonopin. Both were prescribed the day prior, according to police, but contained only 42 of the 210 pills indicated on the label.

Collins was arrested and transported to jail, while her vehicle was seized.

Thursday night's arrest marks the second time in 11 months that she's been arrested after allegedly passing out in a parking lot.

On Nov. 25 she was charged with child endangerment, DUI and drug possession by Kingsport police. According to records from the incident, at 2 a.m. Collins was found sleeping in a vehicle outside Walmart on West Stone Drive.

An officer notes she was accompanied by her 4-year-old son, with the temperature being 21 degrees. Police say a single white pill was found in that arrest, with Collins unable follow instructions and perform field sobriety tests.

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