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Man arrested during robbery at Kingsport pharmacy

October 30th, 2013 9:21 am by Rain Smith

Man arrested during robbery at Kingsport pharmacy

Vincent. H. Dennis

Kingsport police have arrested a man who allegedly walked into a city pharmacy Tuesday night with a loaded gun, requested a pen and paper from an employee, and scribbled a note demanding drugs.

Vincent H. Dennis, 52, of 701 Dennis Drive, Rogersville, was apprehended at the scene.  A police report says that when cornered by a pair of officers inside the store he simply sat down in a chair.  

At approximately 10:30 p.m., Kingsport police were advised of an "unknown problem" at Walgreens, 1420 W. Stone Drive. While officers were en route, dispatch advised the incident was a robbery in progress.

A responding officer reports entering through the front door and moving along a side wall to the pharmacy area, located at the back of the building. Dennis was spotted standing by the pharmacy, according to the report, and was given commands to put up his hands.

Dennis allegedly ignored the officer, turned and walked away. Police say that's when Dennis was confronted by a second officer coming from the other direction, prompting him to "sit down in a chair in the pharmacy." He was then brought into custody.

An arrest report says his robbery note — which read "I want all your schedule 2" — was located in the same chair, while a loaded revolver was found in his right front jacket pocket.

Dennis was charged with robbery and booked into the city jail.

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