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Police: Would-be pill peddlers admit, ‘We been trying, but we just don’t know anybody’

October 28th, 2013 10:37 pm by Jeff Bobo

Police: Would-be pill peddlers admit, ‘We been trying, but we just don’t know anybody’

Dustin Lee Hughes, Racheal Leigh Gregg

ROGERSVILLE — A couple who drew the attention of police early Sunday after holding up the cashier’s line at a Rogersville market for 20 minutes were allegedly later found to be very high on drugs.

They allegedly told police they were trying to sell oxycodone pills, but they “just don’t know anybody.”

The man and woman, both of whom are from Russellville, Tenn., allegedly ate food in the Rogersville Marathon station on Route 66 and then had trouble making other purchases from the cashier due to being high on drugs. 

Eventually their debit card was rejected, but by that time police had arrived and detained them initially for public intoxication.

Upon being removed from the store by police, the man and woman were searched. 

Dustin Lee Hughes, 27, 1118 Warrensburg Road, Russellville, was allegedly found to be in possession of 18 subutex pills, two suboxone strips, and six oxycodone pills.

Referring to the oxycodone pills, Hughes’ girlfriend, Racheal Leigh Gregg, 27, same address, allegedly told police, “Those ain’t ours. A girl gave us those to try and sell.”

Hughes then allegedly told police, “We been trying but we just don’t know anybody.”

A further search of Hughes allegedly revealed him to have a Snickers ice cream bar concealed in the front of his pants under his shirt.

Both were charged with possession of schedule II narcotics for resale, possession of schedule III narcotics, and public intoxication. Hughes was additionally charged with shoplifting.

Shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday Rogersville Police Department officers James Funk and Travis Fields were dispatched to the Marathon station at 4114 Rt. 66 based on a radio report received by Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Zandra Rimer, who happened to be pumping gas there at the time of the incident.

Funk stated in his report that upon his arrival he observed a large line of annoyed customers at the register behind “two intoxicated customers attempting to purchase items.”

Rimer stated in her report that Gregg was “unsteady on her feet, lethargic while speaking, and unable to perform normal tasks.” She dropped her debit card three times at the cashier, Rimer added.

“Ms. Gregg continued to drop items, sway while standing, and started raising her voice toward the male subject (Hughes).” 

The clerk stated they had opened and consumed items in the store, after which their debit card was declined. 

Funk stated in his report that outside the store he had Hughes take a series of field sobriety tests to determine his level of intoxication.

“Dustin had very slurred speech and was slobbering when he spoke,” Funk said. “His responses were lethargic, and every time the conversation paused, Dustin began to close his eyes and lose his balance as if he was falling asleep while standing up.”

Hughes and Gregg were arraigned Monday in Hawkins County Sessions Court and are scheduled for a preliminary hearing Nov. 13.

As of Monday night Hughes remained held in the Hawkins County Jail on $25,000 bond, and Gregg remained held on $10,000 bond.

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