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Toddler wanders into road after being left to sleep in car

October 28th, 2013 3:50 pm by Rain Smith

Toddler wanders into road after being left to sleep in car

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

Oct. 24

Dispatch was alerted to a suspicious vehicle on Myrtle Street, with the caller saying they, "keep circling the area and running stop signs."

Oct. 27

A child called police to a residence on Dale Street, claiming his juvenile sister was being attacked by their mother. Witnesses told police that the woman was angry at the girl for "walking to the mall," grabbing her daughter by the head and throat, then holding her down on the ground. The victim reported her mother was mad because, "She thought I had kissed a boy." The woman was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 27

A man told police that a Rogersville resident had been working on his car. While at the man's home he discovered some of his vehicle's parts were missing, and began pacing back and forth. That's when the mechanic's son allegedly picked up a cement landscaping block, throwing it at the man's head. Police report that he suffered a cut to his head that required staples, but declined to press any charges.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 24

Police responded to a hospital to speak with a man suffering a laceration to his hand and a scratch down the side of his face. He said that while at a Bloomingdale residence he was attacked by his girlfriend and her cousin, with one of the women stabbing him with a peeler knife. His girlfriend was located and interviewed by an officer, reporting her boyfriend had showed up making racial slurs and threatening to harm her. Statements were forwarded to detectives for further investigation.

Dispatch was alerted to a suspicious "heavy white male" riding a scooter at Observation Knob Park.

A clerk at a Blountville gas station called police on a vehicle that had been sitting in the parking lot for nearly eight hours. The Lincoln , which was pulling a small camper, reportedly contained 12 dogs, while the driver was ignoring requests that he leave.

A Kingsport woman told police that her ex-boyfriend had stolen pictures of her children. He's now posting the photos on his Facebook page, claiming the children — who he's not related to — are his own.

The resident of a mobile home park wanted to speak with an officer about their neighbor, saying they drive recklessly and attempt, "to run over animals."

Police were alerted to a juvenile who may want to harm herself. She reportedly posted a picture of a bleach bottle to Facebook and claimed to have drunk it, but was located by an officer and determined to be OK.

Oct. 26

A Kingsport resident called police about, " a neighbor stealing firewood."

While watching a movie at a Bristol home, a man and woman began, "arguing over a scene." According to the victims' statements to police, the man started yelling and "slamming things around the house," forcing her to lock herself in a bedroom. He then banged on the door, stating, "You're lucky I haven't snapped yet."

A Blountville man asked that police be on the lookout for a pair of pizza "delivery boys." He said they are constantly speeding, and "spin their tires every single time."

Oct. 27

Police were called to a local emergency room, where a man claimed to have been assaulted at a Halloween party. One of the other revelers allegedly "said something smart" to the victim, so he said, "something sarcastic back to him." The other man replied by punching him in the face between five and eight times, breaking one of his teeth, fracturing his cheekbone and nose. Police planned to obtain a warrant for the suspect's arrest.

Shortly before 7 p.m. police were called to a Kingsport street, where someone had found an unaccompanied toddler wearing only a diaper, "playing in the roadway." Contact was made with the child's father at a nearby residence, with him saying that upon returning home his child was asleep in the car seat. Due to his son waking up easily, the man told police, he left his child inside the vehicle, and parked inside the garage. He then went inside the home and fell asleep on the couch. No immediate action was taken, with the Department of Children's Services contacted to investigate the incident.

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