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Sullivan man reports assault at poker game

October 22nd, 2013 3:21 pm by Rain Smith

Sullivan man reports assault at poker game

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies.

Wise County Sheriff's office

Oct. 22

A Big Stone Gap woman called police, wanting them to remove her adult son because he's  "sleeping with" two women in her home. Officers responded to find the complainant's son was visiting from out of town,  was accompanied by, "his wife and daughter." No action was taken.

Oct. 22

Dispatch was alerted to a male who was spotted stealing a  pumpkin from the porch of a county church. Police responded and located the suspect, safely recovering the gourd.

Hawkins County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 18

In a county courtroom police observed a possibly intoxicated woman, lethargic and unsteady on her feet. When told to put her hands behind her back she pulled away from an officer, then exclaimed, "I'm not under arrest." Her physical protests were overcome with the use of minimal force, she was booked into jail for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Oct. 20

An officer working the jail observed two men on a security camera, who appeared to receive something from under the door of another inmate's cell. The inmate was questioned about the incident and admitted to having drugs. From a body cavity he then removed a pill bottle, found to contain 11 and a half pills, prompting a charge of introducing contraband into a penal facility.

Police spotted a Chevrolet Malibu on North Main Street in Bulls Gap, traveling 73 mph in a 30 mph zone. Approximately a mile later the car passed another vehicle in a curve, forcing an oncoming motorist to swerve off the roadway to avoid a collision. A traffic stop was conducted, with the driver found to have last had a valid license in 1999. He also didn't have insurance, while his car displayed a tag registered to another vehicle. He was arrested.

Kingsport Police Department

Oct. 20

Beer was reportedly stolen from a Lynn Garden Drive convenience store, with the suspect last seen running through a nearby cemetery.

Police were alerted to a possibly intoxicated man at a gas station, using a knife to scratch lottery tickets while inside the store. Prior to leaving, the suspicious man told a clerk, "I'll be back later."

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 17

For the third time in three days, authorities were called to a report of smoke at the same Piney Flats home. They found furniture sitting outside the residence and still smoldering, with the property owner saying a recently evicted tenant threatened, "to burn the place down."

Oct. 18

Police responded to Vance Tank Road after a man claimed to have been attacked by his stepsons. He said that while arguing with them "about their drinking" one of the suspects, 21, grabbed him from behind. His other stepson, 29, then hit him in the face several times. Both were arrested and charged with domestic assault.

Oct. 19

A county resident said someone had written a derogatory expletive on the road near her home, while a dead possum had been placed in her mailbox.

Police were alerted to a disturbance between Bristol neighbors, with one allegedly placing nails in the other's driveway.

A resident of Devault Bridge Road told police that his mother-in-law had stolen his Playstation, motivated by him owing her money.

A man told police he was attacked while playing poker at a Bristol residence. When he got up from the table to get a beer, stuffing cash into his pocket before he walked away, another player asked, "What, you think I'm gonna steal your money?"  The other man then allegedly stood up and punched the complainant in the head. The victim couldn't advise the exact address of the assault, saying his wife had picked him up from the home, but warned that the suspect is, "known for being violent when he's drunk."

Oct. 20

A Kingsport resident reported a suspicious vehicle outside their house, with an occupant, "pointing a satellite dish type object."

Dispatch was alerted to a 17-year-old who was drunk and, "raising hell, not wanting to clean up." According to the caller, the girl had used the bathroom on herself, "puked all over the place."

An individual called police on their neighbor's juvenile son, angry because the boy was chasing animals, "with remote control cars."

Oct. 21

Residents of a mobile home park called police on their "elderly" neighbor, saying that sometime overnight she "threw a can of beets" at their car. The suspect denied the accusation, adding that she, "does not go outside after dark."

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