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Teens nabbed allegedly trading pills in pharmacy parking lot moments after filling prescription

October 22nd, 2013 2:55 pm by Jeff Bobo

Teens nabbed allegedly trading pills in pharmacy parking lot moments after filling prescription

Brittany Danielle Carpenter and Courtney Page Dewitt

ROGERSVILLE — Less than 10 minutes after launching a new pharmacy parking lot surveillance program Monday night Hawkins County narcotics detectives observed their first alleged illegal drug transaction.

The new surveillance program was in response to complaints of illegal drug activity taking place in pharmacy parking lots across the county.

Monday night the HCSO nabbed two 18-year-old girls who allegedly conducted a transaction involving a newly filled prescription for generic Subutex — a drug used to help people wean themselves off of opiate addiction.

“We had been sitting in place for approximately six to eight minutes last (Monday) night when this took place,” said HCSO Narcotics Lt. Chad Gillenwater. “We’ve been getting complaints that people were getting their prescriptions filled and then trading them or selling them right there in the parking lot. They’re going in and getting their prescription narcotics, and people are actually waiting on them out in the parking lot.”

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday the HCSO Narcotics Unit began conducting surveillance in the parking lot of Walgreens Pharmacy on Rt. 66-S in Rogersville.

During the surveillance, a woman later identified as Courtney Page Dewitt, 18, 199 Mitchell Loop, Rogersville, parked a GMC pickup in the parking lot next to the HCSO surveillance vehicle.

Minutes later a woman later identified as Brittany Danielle Carpenter, 18, 112 Pebble Lane, Rogersville, was observed exiting the pharmacy and getting into the passenger seat of the GCM pickup.

Carpenter then removed a prescription bottle from a small purse and retrieved an undetermined amount of pills. Narcotics officers then allegedly observed Carpenter and Dewitt complete a hand-to-hand transaction.

Narcotics officers then approached the pickup and identified themselves as narcotics officers.

“During initial contact, a narcotics officer observed the female driver (Dewitt) pick up a white round pill from the console and make an effort to conceal it, at which time the officer interrupted,” Gillenwater said. “The pill that was handed to Ms. Dewitt was recovered and determined to be Subutex, which is a schedule III controlled substance. The prescription bottle, from which the pill was removed, was also produced by Ms. Carpenter.”

Gillenwater said the prescription bottle of Subutex had been prescribed to Ms. Carpenter earlier that day, and it contained additional Subutex pills. Two of the Subutex pills had been packaged in a plastic wrapper, and placed back in the bottle.

Further investigation allegedly revealed that Carpenter intended on selling those two Subutex pills, Gillenwater said.

Dewitt also allegedly had a small amount of marijuana hidden on her person.

“During further investigation, it was determined that Courtney Dewitt had previously provided Brittany Carpenter with $150 cash in order for Ms. Carpenter to pay for her doctor visit, where she received a prescription for Subutex,” Gillenwater said. “Further investigation revealed that the two had made a previous agreement that Ms. Carpenter would reimburse Ms. Dewitt with five Subutex Pills from her prescription for the $150."

Dewitt was charged with criminal responsibility for possession of Schedule III Subutex with intent to deliver, possession of Schedule III, and simple possession of marijuana.

Carpenter was charged with delivery of Schedule III Subutex and possession of Schedule III Subutex with intent to deliver.

Both were held int he Hawkins County Jail on $42,500 bond and are scheduled for arraignment Wednesday.

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