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Police: Kingsport man accidentally shoots girlfriend, both charged

October 22nd, 2013 10:39 am by Rain Smith

Police: Kingsport man accidentally shoots girlfriend, both charged

Katie Collins and Dakota Lee Dorton.

Claims of a shooting during a robbery attempt have backfired on a Kingsport couple, according to police, as the woman was actually shot in the buttocks while her boyfriend was "playing" with a gun.

He's now facing charges of reckless aggravated assault, while she's jailed for filing a false report.

On Thursday Kingsport police responded to the Holston Valley Medical Center Emergency Room. An incident report says patient Katie Collins, 20, of 1209 Robertson Street, apartment 33, claimed an armed man tried to rob her as she walked her dog.

The man, according to Collins statements to an officer, demanded,"give me all your money." She said that her dog became "vicious" with the robber and she turned to run away, looking back to see him with a gun. She said that's when she was shot.

Collins sustained a gunshot wound to her left hip, according to a police report, with the bullet exiting her left buttocks. The bullet then passed through and exited her right buttocks.

Detectives responded to the purported shooting location, an alley between Robertson and Dorothy Street, but located no shell casing or other evidence.

On Monday police visited Collins' residence, this time with a warrant for the arrest of her live-in boyfriend, Dakota Lee Dorton, 19. Kingsport police say he was arrested on charges related to a burglary in Scott County, Va.

While at the Kingsport Police Department, Dorton was questioned about Collins' gunshot wound. He reportedly said he had been "joking" with her on Thursday, pointing a gun her way after he had, "taken the rounds out of the weapon."

"Dorton said he pulled the trigger and the gun clicked a couple of times," reads a police report. "It then suddenly went off and Collins was shot."

Collins confirmed his story to police, saying Dorton was "playing" with the gun when it discharged. Police say they located the weapon inside an air vent of their apartment.

Dorton is charged in the incident with reckless aggravated assault, while Collins is charged with false reporting. They were each booked into the Kingsport city jail.

The warrants Kingsport police served on Dorton were related to burglaries and an assault occurring in Scott County.

On Oct. 10 a 60-year-old man was transported to the hospital, according to  Scott County Sheriff John Puckett, after Dorton and a friend "split open" his head.  The victim told police that someone entered his home, hit him and stole his wallet and watch.

In a later burglary, Puckett said the pair made off with money and several World War II-era firearms and knives, among other items, after entering that residence when no one was home.

Dorton's alleged accomplice in the Scott County crimes is Cody Hensley, 18, of Gate City. He has also been arrested.

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