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10-year-old gray wolf at Bays Mountain Park euthanized

October 21st, 2013 7:36 pm by Matthew Lane

10-year-old gray wolf  at Bays Mountain Park euthanized


KINGSPORT — Bays Mountain Park has lost the last of its elder wolves.

 Wahya, a 10-year-old male gray wolf, had to be euthanized on Sunday after succumbing to the effects of myelopathy (spinal nerve degeneration), park officials announced on Monday.

 “We had helped him as much as we could. He started getting a little worse a couple of weeks ago, was pretty down last week and Sunday morning he couldn’t walk at all,” said Rhonda Goins, a naturalist at Bays Mountain Park who specializes in the wolves. “He died at the hands of all of us, who were holding him. He felt no pain at all; I always make sure of that.

 “We know Kingsport is going to mourn and it was hard to do, but it was the best thing for him.”

Wahya, which is Cherokee for “wolf,” is the third grey wolf the park has lost this year.

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