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Kingsport man arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in bed

October 21st, 2013 3:56 pm by Nick Shepherd

Kingsport man arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in bed

Jonathan Driscoll

A Kingsport man was arrested after he grabbed his girlfriend and began punching her in the head while she was lying in bed, according to a police report. 

Jonathan Driscoll, 34, 2624 Bloomingdale Road was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. 

The incident began Friday night. The victim was lying in bed when she was woken up by Driscoll screaming at her. 

Driscoll had been sleeping in the living room because he had been drinking all night, according to the report. He came into the bedroom and called the victim names and said she needed to go get her ex-boyfriend.

He then allegedly jumped on the victim, grabbed her wrists and held her down in the bed. The victim told police she could hear popping in her neck and could not breathe. 

Driscoll then started hitting the victim on the left side of her head with his fist, the report stated. 

The victim told police she scratched and kicked Driscoll to get him off of her and she went outside to call her father. Driscoll followed her outside. 

While she was on the phone, Driscoll was screaming at her and telliing her that she wasn’t coming back in and the door would have to broken down to get inside. The father told police he heard Driscoll screaming he was going to beat the victim and calling her names. 

Several red marks on the victim’s neck and wrists and swelling along the left side of her head were observed by the reporting officer. Driscoll was also observed to have marks on his neck where the victim scratched him to get away, the report said. 

Driscoll was arrested and transported to Sullivan County Jail.

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