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KPD warns citizens to be cautious with door-to-door solicitation

October 15th, 2013 3:49 pm by Nick Shepherd

KPD warns citizens to be cautious with door-to-door solicitation

If you have had someone come to your door trying to sell magazines over the past week, the Kingsport Police Department wants you to know that these companies have been doing so unlawfully. 

Over the past week, the KPD has been made aware of two different companies who have been going door to door selling magazines in the Kingsport area. KPD said these companies are doing so unlawfully because they do not have the requisite city business permits.  

Those companies are Midwest Circulation, LLC and KLMN Readers, Inc. 

According to a press release from the KPD, the business history of these two companies appears to be questionable. The Better Business Bureau has give both of these businesses the worst possible grade of an F. The scale goes from A+ to F. 

KPD is asking citizens to be aware that door to door salespeople may not be harmless. While KPD was investigating a complaint about these two businesses, a salesman was arrested on an outstanding warrant from another jurisdiction. 

KPD also urges citizens to use caution when answering the door for strangers. A resident is under no obligation to open the door and can instruct the stranger to leave at any time. 

KPD encourges citizens to exercise caution and contact them if a salesperson is unable to show proof of a City of Kingsport Business permit which allows door to door sales or if the individual refuse to leave when asked to do so. 

The KPD also wants people to know that there are legitimate organizations conducting door to door sales for legitimate purposes. If an organization obtains the right permits, the are free to conduct business in Kingsport, the release said.

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