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Caller warns of possible "suicide by cop"

October 14th, 2013 3:12 pm by Nick Shepherd

Caller warns of possible "suicide by cop"

The blotter is derived from recent central dispatch records and incident reports of area police agencies 

Sullivan County Sheriff's Office 

Oct. 10 

Police were alerted to a man standing in the middle of Interstate 81 near exit 59. 

A caller told dispatch there were several people at a shooting range and due to the government shut down, "no one is allowed to shoot there." 

A female called dispatch and said she was driving by an apartment complex and heard a young juvenile screaming. She said she was unsure where it was coming from, she just heard it from, "those apartments." 

Police were advised to juveniles who were having a party. The caller said the juveniles had a bonfire and several cups were lying around. 

Oct. 11 

Police were called to a burglary of a residence in Blountville where the victim stated someone had stolen four firearms (two shotguns, muzzle loader and a rifle) and $200 in change stored in a glass jar. The victim advised police he thought a family member had stolen the items due to a prior history of stealing. 

Police were called to a burglary where $2,200 worth of items were stolen from a home, including a laptop and two flat screen televisions. Officers observed a back door to the residence to have been pried open. The victim had no idea of a possible suspect. Officers collected fingerprints from a glass closet door. 

Dispatch was advised of a white male carrying a rifle or shotgun walking down the Bristol Highway near the woods and the phone tower. 

A caller advised police that a female fell inside the dollar store and then fell inside the liquor store and is trying to leave. The caller said the female could, "barely function." 

Oct. 12 

A female called dispatch reporting a van pulled up beside her at a gas station in Bristol. A male subject went inside and came back out and started unzipping his pants. He tried to take his pants off and then get in the victim's vehicle. She advised police she wanted to file a report. 

A 16-year-old juvenile was being totally uncontrollable, slamming doors and threatening to burn down the house. 

A caller advised dispatch that a neighbor was making threats to kill him. The caller also advised that the neighbor was outside blowing leaves in into the caller's yard. 

Police were called about a man making threats to the caller's family. Dispatch was asked to conduct a welfare check because the man who made the threats had been suicidal. He told the caller if he wasn't heard from in three days to send help. Caller advised the subject had, "several AK's," and was suicidal. The caller said the subject wanted suicide by cop and would pull guns on officers. Caller advised the male was, "very unstable and is a danger to everyone." 

Oct. 13 

Officers responded to a residence on Old Elizabethon Highway in regards to an intimidation call. When officers spoke with the victim, he stated the suspect had called him and threatened to, "split his head open," because the victim allegedly owed his sister $40. The victim was advised on how to file charges. 

A welfare check was requested when a kid ran out of a house into the middle of the street and stopped the caller's car. The child refused to go back in the house. 

A female called dispatch saying she had been assaulted with two boards and a baseball bat by a male. She said he killed her cat two weeks ago and she went to a safe house but had to come back because she had no place else to go. She told dispatch he was on bath salts. The male was found and detained. 

A female was lying on the left hand side of the road about a half mile from Fort Henry Drive. 

Kingsport Police Department 

Oct. 11 

Officer responded to the Justice Center in response to a complaint of impersonation/identity theft. The victim stated she received a debt collections notice in the mail from a company names Afni Collections, located in Illinois. The victim contacted the company in regards to the debt and learned that an account through CenturyLink had been established in her name and had a balance of $623.57. The victim said she has never had an account with CentruyLink and didn't owe the debt. The company advised her to file a police report. 

Oct. 12 

Kingsport Police Department officers and the Kingsport Bomb Squad responded to a mutual aid request from the Hawkins' County Sheriff's Office. On arrival, a man led officers to an area on his property where he had stored an inoperable vehicle which he believed had explosives inside. In the trunk of the vehicle, officers located 50 sticks of Tovex which appeared as if the binder material had leeched out. The Kingsport Bomb Squad collected the explosives and transported them to the explosives bunker for future disposal. 

A driver pumped $40.01 of gas at a local gas station and then drove off without paying. The manager showed officers surveillance video of the theft, but the video was unable to capture a good view of the suspect or the suspect's vehicle. The officer explained how to prosecute if the suspect was later identified.

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