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Woman in bogus online romance used boyfriend's credit card for month-long pizza binge

October 10th, 2013 1:18 pm by Jeff Bobo

Woman in bogus online romance used boyfriend's credit card for month-long pizza binge

Heather Nicole Arnold

CHURCH HILL — A monthlong pizza binge landed a Hawkins County teen in jail after she allegedly bought pies in Church Hill on 18 separate occasions this past June using a debit card number stolen from the online boyfriend she was scamming.

Heather Nicole Arnold, 19, 145 Lynch Road Lot 9, Church Hill, allegedly gave the online boyfriend a bogus name, and used a bogus Facebook profile during that Internet romance earlier this year.

CHPD Detective Kevin Grigsby said Arnold’s phony Facebook page used photos that Arnold allegedly pirated from a Destin, Fla., woman’s Facebook profile.

The Florida woman has blond hair and many of her photos used in Arnold’s phony Facebook profile are in revealing beach attire. There is a distinct physical contrast between Arnold and the Florida woman, Grigsby noted.

The victim, who resides in Greene County, reported the fraudulent use of his debit card number to the Church Hill Police Department in July.

The victim told Grigsby that in early June he and his online girlfriend, known to him as Emmie Lowe, were supposed to meet for the first time.

Prior to that first date she asked for his debit card number so she could order pizza, and she said she would pay him back when they met for the date.

Emmie Lowe, who was listed on the Facebook profile as a student from Jonesborough, never showed up for the date. The victim stated that “Emmie” made several dates with him, but she never showed up for the dates. Subsequently 18 pizza purchases showed up on his debit card account, including four from the Church Hill Domino’s between June 12 and June 24; and 14 from the Church Hill Pizza Plus between June 12 and June 27.

Grigsby stated in his report that the total amount of the Church Hill pizza purchases was $456.46.

The pizza was allegedly ordered under several different names including Emmie Lowe and Arnold’s real name. Arnold also allegedly used her actual address at the time for pizza deliveries, which was on Messick Avenue in Church Hill.

On July 31, Grigsby went to the Messick Avenue address, and although Arnold wasn’t there, Grigsby spoke to Arnold’s mother, sister and brother-in-law.

“All parties advised that they received pizza purchased by the defendant (Arnold) with a credit card that they presumed she had permission to use because it belonged to her boyfriend,” Grigsby said. “They never met the boyfriend, but were told by Arnold that his name was ‘Matt’ and that he was out of state in the Army. They also verified that Arnold did have a fake Facebook profile under the name Emmie Lowe.” 

Grigsby added that when he viewed the Emmie Lowe Facebook profile it listed her as being in a relationship with the victim.

“The victim stated that when he gave the card information he thought it was to Emmie Lowe and not the defendant,” Grigsby said. “The victim states he does not have any knowledge of the defendant, and if he knew she was somebody other than Emmie he would not have given out his information.” 

Arnold had been wanted by the CHPD since July. She was arrested at her Lynch Road residence Wednesday night on 18 counts of identity theft.

Aside from the Church Hill pizza purchases, Arnold also reportedly has charges pending for pizza purchases made on the victim’s debit card in Kingsport. Arnold allegedly used the victim’s card for pizza deliveries from the Allandale Pizza Hut and Papa John’s; as well as at least one cash withdrawal made from Wells Fargo in Washington County.

As of Thursday she was being held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond due to charges pending in other jurisdictions. Her arraignment in Hawkins County Sessions Court is set for Oct. 16.

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