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Shutterbugzz is a labor of love for owners David and Ruth Booth

October 9th, 2013 2:52 pm by Katina Rose

Shutterbugzz is a labor of love for owners David and Ruth Booth

David and Ruth Booth’s story together started when they first met at Brookside Elementary School in Kingsport. After 47 years of marriage, raising three children and living in Charlottesville, Va., for many years while pursuing their careers, they made the decision to move back to Kingsport to start a new chapter in their journey.

That’s also when they decided to start working on a new retirement career, interests they both have a passion for and want to share with others.

The Booths opened up Shutterbugzz Digital Print Studio & Art Gallery in Gate City, Va,. to offer a service and make people happy. Ruth is a talented painter and David enjoys photography.  Their talents complement each other well and form the unique business and art gallery that is attached to their home.  

Ruth’s paintings adorn the walls of the gallery.  She keeps her originals but prints out a copy to sell on canvas, on a state-of-the-art Cannon giclee printer owned by the Booths.

She has been painting ever since she took a painting class at a craft store she managed in Charlottesville. The Booths joke that Ruth has filled their walls and closets with her original paintings and also gives them away as gifts. As she explains, giving your artwork to someone is extending a piece of yourself to that person.  

David’s passion is restoring old photographs, retouching photos and creating memorial DVDs.

“If someone calls here and I can’t help them, I probably know who can and will send them to someone else.  We are in this business to help people,” said David.  

They offer museum-quality giclee reproductions of pictures and photographs, fine art reproduction and photographic retouching.  

He has retrieved pictures from a camera that were accidentally deleted and arranged a picture for a woman of her parents together when she came to the Booths and explained - after her parents were deceased - that she realized she didn’t have any photos of them. David has also made pictures for veterans as a memorial tribute. He enjoys the challenge of working with pictures and will not stop until he feels like it is perfect. So much in fact: the Booths are so focused on making people happy, they do not charge if a customer is not satisfied with the finished product.  

The same attention to perfection and detail is spent on the memorial DVDs for funerals and celebratory birthday DVDs.

“I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and think of a song to add or a change to make the DVD perfect for the family,” David said.  

The Booths want to invite the public to visit their gallery and meet them.  As a special promotion, they are offering a FREE photography class. The class session will take place on Nov. 4, 6, 9 and 11 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. In four evenings, the class will cover photography tips, a field trip and a critique/feedback session for the attendees. Ruth also has plans to start painting classes in the near future.

Shutterbugzz Digital Print Studio & Art Gallery is located at 2110 East Carters Valley Road in Gate City, Va. Contact them at 423-963-7980 or 276-447-0001, email Or visit their website at

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