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Owner Marty Love started Weber City Recycling from his pickup truck

October 8th, 2013 12:38 pm by Tanja Moody

Owner Marty Love started Weber City Recycling from his pickup truck

From the outside, Weber City Recycling doesn’t look like a place where trash is taken. An employee sweeps the parking lot to keep it clean, and there’s no smell of garbage coming from the warehouse. 

Inside the building, discarded items are weighed and stacked either inside large cardboard boxes or even larger dumpsters. When the large dumpsters are moved, the ground trembles as if a small earthquake is nearby. Tucked in a corner of the warehouse is a small trailer that houses the office.

The activity shows the growth of the company that began as a one-man job several years ago. Originally, owner Monty Love drove a Ford F150 that his grandmother gave him to salvage yards and recycling centers, picking up “product.” After a few years, he decided the business would run more easily if customers brought recyclables to him.

He acquired the building in Weber City in 2009 and currently employs several part-time employees. Now, instead of driving around all day, he makes a 45-minute trek between his home in Jonesborough and work.

“If I keep my work close to me, I tend to work too much,” he explained. “And I appreciate spending time with my family.”

Weber City Recycling accepts materials like non-ferrous metals, steel, iron, batteries and catalytic converters. But he’s recently starting accepting other materials as well.

“In my business, if you don’t diversify and grab other items to add to the mix, you’re kind of a sitting duck,” Love said.

About four months ago, the business started taking in clothing, which is then sold to another company that breaks it down and either ships it overseas or to automotive companies that use the material in vehicle interiors. Old clothing can also be used as insulation.

Another item the center recently started receiving is old computers. However, only towers and laptops are accepted, not monitors or keyboards.

The recycling center continues to take old household appliances as well.

“You can take all this stuff to the dump,” the owner admitted. “But if you bring it here, I can pay you something for it.”

With the added traffic the business brings to the area that borders a neighborhood, Love tries to work with the residents if any problems come up.

“Our neighbors have been very gracious in dealing with our business being here,” Love said. “I’d just like to thank them for allowing us to be part of their community.”

Impositions are kept to a minimum by the owner’s personal style.

“This business goes totally against my nature. I don’t like dirt,” he admitted. “I’m a stickler for how things look and operate. My vehicle and house have to be clean. And I operate this place the same way. There is going to be some dirt, but I try to keep it at a nominal limit.”

Weber City Recycling is located at 126 Spring Street, Weber City, Va. Business hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit its Facebook page or or call 276-415-0450.

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