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Appeal of Hawkins schools $166,000 IRS fine affected by shutdown

October 7th, 2013 7:11 pm by Jeff Bobo

Appeal of Hawkins schools $166,000 IRS fine affected by shutdown

ROGERSVILLE — The federal government shutdown has apparently put a temporary halt to deliberations over the Hawkins County School System’s appeal of a $166,000 fine imposed by the Internal Revenue Service earlier this year.

The Hawkins County Board of Education was informed during its June meeting that it had been fined a total of $166,000 due to the failure of the previous finance director to send employee federal withholdings to the IRS on two separate occasions during the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Director of Schools Charlotte Britton told the BOE at that time that it was an “unfortunate mistake” and no dishonesty was intended on the part of the previous finance director, but he was fired.

Britton told the BOE Thursday the fine remains under appeal.

“I received correspondence from the IRS explaining the status of our appeal,” Britton told the BOE. “The appeal has been sent to Cincinnati, Ohio. The letter actually stated that there would be some timeline with this, and I’m sure that is in lieu of the present federal government partial shutdown, so there will be a delay in their response.” 

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